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  1. pokes16

    Ranking the Big 12's rbs(you'll be pleased)

    We did. And then the "O-line coach that shall not be named" quit recruiting, got fired, and cursed the job. It took several years and several coaches before the curse was removed and Voldemort was vanquished. Now we are back on track there.
  2. pokes16

    Football 2019 DT Jayden Jernigan Committed to OSU

    Welcome to the family!
  3. pokes16

    NCAA Mens Golf Regionals

    Currently in 2nd at 2 under. 2 shots off the lead Update. Now 1 shot of the lead
  4. pokes16

    Football 2019 DT Xavier Ross Committed to OSU

    Welcome to the family!
  5. pokes16

    2018 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    So if I read the chart correctly, we have one scholly left. Who are we going after for that last spot?
  6. pokes16

    Men's Basketball 2018 PG Isaac Likekele Committed to OSU

    Welcome to the family!
  7. pokes16

    Mason takes first snaps at Steelers Rookie Camp
  8. pokes16

    NCAA Golf Regionals

    Thank you for correcting my heinous and unforgivable one letter misspelling of a fictional character.
  9. pokes16

    NCAA Golf Regionals

    Looks like 14-16
  10. pokes16

    NCAA Golf Regionals

    Ok. Ty!
  11. pokes16

    NCAA Golf Regionals

    I see we need last two girls to birdie 18 to tie
  12. pokes16

    NCAA Golf Regionals

    #5 girl who had been kicking it, just doubled 18. She was still 2 under on the day
  13. pokes16

    NCAA Golf Regionals

    3 girls left all on 18. Need a birdie
  14. pokes16

    NCAA Golf Regionals

    Our #1 just bogeyed 18. The Noonin calls from CO worked on her evidently
  15. pokes16

    NCAA Golf Regionals

    Unconfirmed reports that the entire CO team is surrounding the 18th green and saying, "Noonin"!
  16. pokes16

    NCAA Golf Regionals

    One of our girls in the clubhouse. Still in 6th
  17. pokes16

    NCAA Golf Regionals

    In 6th by ourselves. 7th 8th 9th 10th and 11th in the clubhouse.
  18. pokes16

    NCAA Golf Regionals

    Scoring errors, at least short term seem to abound on this thing
  19. pokes16

    NCAA Golf Regionals

    Our #5 girl is playing lights out!
  20. pokes16

    2019 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    Maxey can go to KY and be another one and done guy that is appreciated but does not stand out in anyway to the Wildcat Nation. OR He could come here and still be a one and done, but would be special to the fan base and a guy that we talk about for years. And he could be a program changing moment.