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  1. Paul

    TCU Fan on Baylor Fans: Good Laugh

    kewl story?
  2. Paul

    D/FW Metroplex Alums - Pokes vs Horney Toads

    Baseball in April? That will need a tailgate.
  3. Paul

    D/FW Metroplex Alums - Pokes vs Horney Toads

    4 going in my group.
  4. Paul

    Browns looking to trade Weeden?

    If by "god" you mean a polarizing figure that causes much debate from week to week, then yes.
  5. Paul

    NASH: We Need His Best

    So we need one of our best players to play well in order to be successful? Got it.
  6. Paul

    Free Water And Ice Please Mr. Holder

    I've brought in sprite bottles before.
  7. Paul

    1,071 to 50K

    So, you need 2 tickets? Congrats on the kiddo.
  8. Paul

    Mississippi State in 2013?

    As a resident of Fort Worth, I do not like this.
  9. Paul

    TAMU being TAMU

    That needs to get fixed.
  10. Paul

    All Friggin TV Questions mergered

    Found it last night. Unfortunately, doesn't look like I will be watching it in HD
  11. Paul

    Adcock Cut by Dallas

    That sucks. I was optimistic about Levy finding a spot on the Dallas OL. It is pretty bad this year.
  12. Paul

    Blackmon interviewed by NFL Films

    But I thought everybody was freaking out saying he was lost and didn't know the plays... Just wait until the season starts. Jacksonville fans will eventually come around and learn to love him
  13. Paul

    Update on MBB overseas...

    Mischief and Scandalous need to be in more game recaps
  14. Paul

    Michael Bowie Dissmissed

    Based on twitter, looks like he is going to NSU
  15. Paul

    Reminder - Joseph Randle's ESPN Car Wash, Fri 7/27

    He's right, he's isn't.
  16. Paul

    Videos from yesterday....

    I thought he signed as a Free Agent with the Cardinals... When did he get cut?
  17. Paul

    John Lucas III to Toronto?

    I liked seeing him fill in for Rose and be successful, but at least he is still in the league. He has worked his tail off to get to where he is and is making out to have a nice little NBA career.
  18. Paul

    2012 Football Parking Map

    Out of curiosity, where is the new house?
  19. Paul

    Mark Munoz video

    That's a cool video. Thanks for sharing
  20. Paul

    DFW sports bars

    Buffalo Bros. has the best wings in the area imo.