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  1. thepoker2

    OSU to host Missouri State in 2022

    When is the return game at Arizona State?
  2. thepoker2

    O'Colly's Top 5 OSU Guards of All Time

    JL3 should be on there somewhere... Randy Rutherford, Brooks Thompson & Gottlieb deserve some consideration
  3. thepoker2

    Potential Future Non-Con Games

    What good series were on the books that got cancelled? Clemson, NC State, Purdue, Air Force??? Is the Boise St series still on?
  4. thepoker2

    Baseball vs Michigan Game 2

    is our game over?
  5. thepoker2

    Baseball vs Michigan Game 2

  6. thepoker2

    Baseball vs Michigan Game 2

  7. thepoker2

    Baseball vs Michigan Game 2

    You have to have a subscription
  8. thepoker2

    Baseball vs Michigan Game 2

    Live stream or do you have to be a subscriber to the Big 10 network?
  9. thepoker2

    Bedlam Baseball

    So...3-3 bottom of 6?
  10. thepoker2

    Bedlam Baseball

  11. thepoker2

    Men's Big 12 Golf

    What's the weather like in Tulsa? It's been raining pretty good here in OKC...
  12. thepoker2

    Ramon Richards highlights

    As many have already said...he got picked on a lot being a true freshman but started making big plays by the end of the year. It's nice to have several experienced/talented corners this coming season.
  13. thepoker2

    New helmet

    Liked this combo at TAMU in 2011...probably because I was at the game & it was a very fun day.
  14. thepoker2

    Baseball vs tech game 3

    What happened? Got out of 1st only giving up 1?
  15. thepoker2

    Baseball vs dbu

    Who has 2 on & 1 out?
  16. thepoker2

    Baseball vs dbu

    Unreal...pokes were up 6-1 @ home
  17. thepoker2

    Baseball vs dbu

  18. thepoker2

    Baseball vs dbu

    What's going on now?
  19. thepoker2

    Baseball vs dbu

    score/inning? Thanks