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  1. Pokit N

    Man opens fire inside Oklahoma restaurant before 'armed citizen' shoots, kills him

    Geez, Sounds like the Son of Sam...
  2. Pokit N

    Shooting at Texas High School The father of a Parkland victim. He's right. You cant take a bottle of water onto an airplane but you can carry a gun into school no problem. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  3. Pokit N

    Shooting at Texas High School

    BAN WHITE PEOPLE! Sorry...I like to throw levity into shitty situations to try and lighten the mood.
  4. Pokit N

    Amazon to launch Lord of the Rings TV series

    Be proud, I was just kidding around.
  5. Pokit N

    Amazon to launch Lord of the Rings TV series

    LOLS, just kidding dude!
  6. Pokit N

    Some Democrats Want Hillary Clinton To Return The DNC’s Money In other news, Hillary claims being a capitalist hurt her in the primary. I"m old enough to remember when Democrats would be upset if you called them socialist. This was...
  7. Pokit N

    Is California sustainable This Podcast was's so expensive to live in SF that they are thinking of building dorms for government workers/teachers to live in, b/c their job doesn't pay enough for a house...
  8. Pokit N

    No more 'free' money: Finland to end its basic income experiment

    Guys, I wasn't kidding... This is what the creators of Star Trek believed... very optimistic. People would better themselves. I hope you are right...I'd like to think that I myself would read, go to the gym, learn a musical instrument etc... It's gonna be a grand experiment!
  9. Pokit N

    Yes, Fellow Human Being This woman is a lesbian, married to a man that claims to be a woman, trying to have a baby. It's hard for me to even fathom what the hell is going on in our world. This reminds me Story Time! I've seen this...
  10. Pokit N

    No more 'free' money: Finland to end its basic income experiment

    I'll put on my @StillwaterTownie hat.... I can envision a time in 50 ish years where there are no more truck/taxi/bus drivers, fast food, service workers, custodians... additionally...there may be no more (or much fewer) airline pilots, robots could potentially replace surgeons and any number...
  11. Pokit N

    One Dead After Engine on Southwest Airlines Flight Explodes, Woman Almost Sucked Out Window [Update

    That poor woman. The articles I've read make her sound like a great person. What exactly was the cause of death? The shrapnel from the engine blowing up? Getting nearly pulled out the window? I'm morbid for asking it's just a terrible thing to have happened.
  12. Pokit N

    Barbara Bush, wife and mother of presidents, dies at 92

    If you go to the Fresno State campus you could find someone...
  13. Pokit N

    If Trump resigns...

    I will eat my hat...because I think he'll have to be dragged out of office
  14. Pokit N

    FBI raids Michael Cohen's office (Trump personal Lawyer)

    Okay...but collusion w/ Russia to alter the 2016 Election?
  15. Pokit N

    Gas attack in Syria

    Ut Oh...
  16. Pokit N

    Oklahoma teachers planning to strike

    This is why you've got to run!
  17. Pokit N

    Oklahoma teachers planning to strike

    Agreed, but this has been festering for more than a decade...the OK STate legislators let this escalate and get out of hand by ignoring it and keeping their heads up their (you know what's) this entire time.
  18. Pokit N

    Dumb/Sometimes LOL Political Pictures

    You never really say why you have an issue w/ someones post while making it clear that you have an issue w/ their post.