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  1. Rixaroo

    Shooting at Texas High School

    I don't have that answer and neither will this, but y'all should seriously take the time to listen to this podcast. This is a link to the first of two parts. Amazing insight on the inner-city way of life.
  2. Rixaroo

    Shooting at Texas High School

    I agree. Of course. But per capita, blacks have far more firearm related deaths... Mass shooting related or not, fatherless homes are an epidemic.
  3. Rixaroo

    Shooting at Texas High School

    We desperately need a leader in this country to stand up against fatherless homes. Until America values a two parent in-home upbringing of our children this garbage will continue to happen. I'm not taking any 2nd amendment side here. According to the US Census, 31% of children live in a...
  4. Rixaroo

    Spikes in chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis take STDs to record highs in California

    Man, I'm so glad that I don't have to go through today's dating scene. Can't imagine trying to find a wife amongst the sludge that's been chewed up and spit out by Tinder, etc. I have two boys and I will raise them to ask girls out face-to-face; not through an app. Just seems like such a p*ssy...
  5. Rixaroo

    Barbara Bush, wife and mother of presidents, dies at 92

    Read that on her last night on earth she had family around her bedside, was able to talk despite the COPD, and had a glass of bourbon. Hell yeah. What a great way to go. At her home and on her terms. Cheers Mrs. Bush!
  6. Rixaroo

    FBI raids Michael Cohen's office (Trump personal Lawyer)
  7. Rixaroo

    Oklahoma teachers planning to strike

    “I think about the kids,” DeVos said last week while touring a Dallas middle school. “I think we need to stay focused on what’s right for kids. And I hope that adults would keep adult disagreements and disputes in a separate place, and serve the students that are there to be served.” This is...
  8. Rixaroo

    WH announces that ISIS is almost completely destroyed delays troop withdraw for now

    I don't think this senseless ideology will ever be destroyed. It may be cut down to a dormant stage for a period of time, but it'll come back in some form.
  9. Rixaroo

    The Infamous Cell Phone Spam Calls Thread

    Well I sold my soul to Apple 11 years ago. They have my nuts in a vice grip.
  10. Rixaroo

    The Infamous Cell Phone Spam Calls Thread

    Download the Hiya app. It will put a label such as "Spam Caller" on your caller ID so you know which calls to ignore.
  11. Rixaroo

    Tillerson Fired

    " "> :D
  12. Rixaroo

    House Intel finds 'no evidence of collusion' between Trump campaign and Russia

    FYI, I believe this is simply a statement by the committee's GOP members and not the final report.
  13. Rixaroo

    Trump announces Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum imports

    I can't imagine boat prices/values increasing more. I bought a 3-year old tritoon in December. The blue book value was the same as what the seller bought it for new from a dealer. Wild.
  14. Rixaroo

    School Shooting Plot Exposed: You Won't Believe who set it up

    Never has a piece of propaganda taken so damn long to get to the point.
  15. Rixaroo

    Trump calls out school resource officer in Florida school shooting

    Why does Trump even have advisors? He obviously never listens to them and none of his talking points are vetted.
  16. Rixaroo

    Trump calls out school resource officer in Florida school shooting

    He's saying this because this guy's choice certainly discredits his "solution" of arming the teachers. Just because you know how to fire a weapon doesn't mean your trained or prepared for combat.
  17. Rixaroo

    Official Game Thread: Texas Christian vs. Oklahoma State

    Anybody know the latest on the injuries of Bean, Lampkin, and Peterson?
  18. Rixaroo

    Las Vegas thinks we are losing by 5.

    Las Vegas thinks setting the line at OSU +5 will make them money; has no affiliation or bias to any particular team. FIFY
  19. Rixaroo

    Weekend Watch Guide - Week 10

    OSU/TCU - Bama/LSU - Clemson/FSU... Big weekend. I'm glad the OSU game isn't on at the same time as the Bama/LSU game.