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  1. osucowboy79

    Only One Team With a Winning Record

    We are the only team in the entire country to go into Mt. Pleasant and come away with a victory.
  2. osucowboy79

    Raymond Taylor

    I think Carson has the ability and may still be adjusting to Big 12 football. Hopefully he sees what's happening with Taylor and picks it up.
  3. osucowboy79

    Time for Walsh to get majority reps?

    This. Game flow determines who is used and when. We are lucky to have both of them as options.
  4. osucowboy79

    Best defense vs tech in recent memory?

    Twas good enough.
  5. osucowboy79

    Austin Hays!!!

    Agree. I don't see how anybody can actually watch the game and keep up with the game threads
  6. osucowboy79

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech

    Does anybody know if Shepard is back? If so, I wonder if Lacy could slide over and backup Washington. He looked pretty good last week.
  7. osucowboy79

    MLB Playoffs

    Go Cubs go!
  8. osucowboy79

    Official Survival Pool Week 5 2015

    Week 1: Tennessee (59) Week 2: Texas Tech (68) Week 3: Arizona (55) Week 4: Iowa (32) Week 5: Memphis (74)
  9. osucowboy79

    Early K State predictions

    Looks like a good chance of rain. How does that affect your predictions? Seems like an advantage for KState.
  10. osucowboy79

    Survival Pool Week 4

    Week 1: Tennessee (59) Week 2: Texas Tech (68) Week 3: Arizona (55) Week 4: Iowa (32)
  11. osucowboy79

    Survival Pool Week 3

    Week 1: Tennessee (59) Week 2: Texas Tech (68) Week 3: Arizona (55)
  12. osucowboy79

    Survival Pool Week 2 2015

    Week 1: Tennessee (59) Week 2: Texas Tech (68)
  13. osucowboy79

    Annual First Play From Scrimmage Thread

    That was a tough season to watch. Glad those days are behind us.
  14. osucowboy79

    Annual First Play From Scrimmage Thread

    Nathan Simmons up the gain.
  15. osucowboy79

    Survival Pool Week 1 2015

    Week 1: Tennessee (59)
  16. osucowboy79

    Uniform Predictions: @ Central Michigan

    Although CMU is not FSU or Texas, this is the opening day of the season and there are only a few games on TV. This will actually be one of our more widely viewed games nationally. I would expect us to come out looking pretty sharp.
  17. osucowboy79

    Bold predictions for 2015!

    JW will lead the team in total TD's.
  18. osucowboy79

    Massey 2015 FB predictions for OSU.

    Ran it through my computer and got this. 99% - Central Arkansas 99% - UTSA 99% - Kansas 99% - @ C Michigan 99% - Iowa State 99% - @ Texas Tech 99% - @ Texas 100% - Oklahoma ... 99% - Kansas St 99% - @ West Virginia 99% - Baylor 99% - TCU
  19. osucowboy79

    2015 Football Anticipation Thread (FAT)

    Agree. While there is always the chance for a long return, it seems like there is also an increased chance of fumble on kickoffs. With our depth and talent at linebacker we should have excellent coverage units this year.
  20. osucowboy79

    2015 Spring Practice Thread

    This is a good point. When we are average, he calls us average and when we are bad he jacks with the media to keep the attention off the players. It ssems like the happier Gundy is when dealing with the media, the better we are. Of course it's easy to be relaxed in the spring.