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  1. OrangeFan69

    Georgia woman arrested for attacking off duty military at a restaurant.

    I'd love to hear what her and her son thought of Colin Kaepernick kneeling. A former Georgia teacher found herself under arrest after a video showed her and her son getting into a spat with...
  2. OrangeFan69

    Syria Strike

    guess the pee tapes were real.
  3. OrangeFan69

    Obamacare’s Massacre of the Innocents

    Have you ever cited a news source that doesn't solely exist online? Like a real one that has print readership, either terrestrial/satellite radio or broadcast/satellite television? I'm concerned about you, dude.
  4. OrangeFan69

    Thread to complain about running game.

    (major sarcasm)
  5. OrangeFan69

    Revenue Data

    This graph supports my opinion that we look like jackasses burning time on the Wickline silliness.
  6. OrangeFan69

    Say it isn't so........OU has been replaced

    I'll respect Baylor as an opponent once they leave Stillwater without looking like one of their women's soccer players that wandered into the wrong football player's dorm.
  7. OrangeFan69

    Ogbah not a Lombardi Award semifinalists

    bleh, Rotarians are Illuminati anyway.
  8. OrangeFan69

    Ogbah not a Lombardi Award semifinalists

    Quick question, without goodling; Who were the last two Lombardi winners?
  9. OrangeFan69

    OSU #14

    Ohio State was #16 in the first poll last year. Can we please get over ourselves?
  10. OrangeFan69

    Are you kidding me? - OSU should play with a chip on it's shoulder.

    The only thing i have absolute confidence in is that no one making declarative statements in this thread knows what will happen.
  11. OrangeFan69

    J. Seales -- Arrested for DUI, TOC

    We also have Uber. It just depends on a student utilizing it.
  12. OrangeFan69

    New Distracted Driver Law - Nov 1st

    Would it be beneficial for a death bus driver to be texting while driving?
  13. OrangeFan69

    ESPN putting us on UPSET alert

    Vegas has us winning, and that is putting your money where your mouth is.
  14. OrangeFan69

    Glendon Alexander at it again

    The dude called himself Cerruti NINO BROWN. Red Flag anyone? He purposely chose to call himself Nino Brown? HILARIOUS
  15. OrangeFan69

    Homecoming prayers please

    I truly don't understand how people drink and drive anymore in this time of Uber and Lyft. My heart goes out to the families and people that had to be apart of this and see this. The families that are affected and the driver for not having the self control and wisdom to making such a foolish...
  16. OrangeFan69

    OP.Com's 12th Birthday

    Is that why most of the posting sounds like 12 year olds?
  17. OrangeFan69

    honestly, who would want yurcich?

    Imagine how embarrassing it is for Wickline to have Gundy pick Yurcich over him.
  18. OrangeFan69

    Mason Rudolph's Mid-Season Numbers

    The only QB stat that matters is wins. Mason is 8-1. I'm good with that.
  19. OrangeFan69

    Bunny Ranch Brothel Offers To Pay Down Student Loans For Debt-Strapped Co-Eds

    that's a common flawed theory. Personally, I prefer a woman who knows what she enjoys. I think too many guys treat woman like they're Neil Armstrong landing on the moon.
  20. OrangeFan69

    Gundy to USC?

    Dude, have you been to LA? We hunt and fish. I've been quail hunting many times. Cousins and I have a blind in Bishop 3 hours away. As for the fishing comment, you may need to consult a map.