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  1. sokpoke

    Soak the Rich?

    Every time I hear a pandering Socialist say that "the rich should pay more taxes", what I really hear is "soak the middle class", which has been and is the modus operandi for every socialist and communist regime since the beginning of time. From Teresa Heinz Kerry, to Mirnie Bloomsanders, and...
  2. sokpoke

    Turkey Season

    Last week at our beer deer turkey camp. 9.5" beard; 28 gauge shotgun Friend's 9.75" beard Partner's 9.75" beard, with bow
  3. sokpoke

    Top 10 Food Safety Tips for this Holiday Season . . . for Steross

    @steross Read #5 closely Top 10 food safety tips for this holiday season (Stillwater, Oklahoma – Dec. 11, 2018) The Christmas season is here, and many will be gathering around the dinner table devouring their favorite holiday meals. Oklahoma State University’s Robert M. Kerr Food &...