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    Agree 100%! People forget not only did MB not have any head coaching experience. He really had very little coaching experience period. He was primarily a recruiter. A “third chair” assistant. Most head coaches either work their way up from lower tier school to D1 to power 5 school, or from...
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    Any way we could get Tom Herman as OC?

    I’d rather have Yurcich back
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    UT's Tom Herman Fired

    The problem with Texas is not coaches or players (directly), it is a culture problem that starts with the donor class. The big money donors think their money buys them some control over the program and the players are treated like royalty and their is no accountability. If Alabama is the...
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    Cowboys (6-0) defeats Wichita State 67-64. 10 Game Winning Streak. vs TCU WEDNESDAY in GIA

    We should be up by 12-15, sloppy and careless.
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    Cowboys are UNBEATEN. Pokes (5-0) defeat ORU 83-78 in a Thriller. LAST Non-Conference Game @Wichita State SATURDAY

    Have to fix the three point defense, it’s the only glaring weakness this team has.
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    Gundy/HC threads merged

    Regardless of where anyone stands on Mike Gundy, the man deserves respect and appreciation for what he has done for this school and has represented the school. I personally have never been a fan of his coaching but he is a class act that has given us his all. We don’t need to kick him while he...
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    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma

    ask all the other coaches on campus, they are doing it.
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    Dax Hill and Michigan

    More importantly for the conjecture, will Jim Knowles be in Stillwater next year. His stock is rising.
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    Season Basketball Tickets (Social Distancing too much)

    I have thought this for years. 100 level should be all students like Cameron indoor
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    Official Game Thread: Texas vs. Oklahoma State

    I’m actually pretty upbeat, sure it was a bad loss but I thought we would lose straight up due to the lack of offense but the offense was good today sans the turnovers. We dominated the game. IF we play clean I don’t see us losing another game.
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    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Kansas

    Has Jaden Jernigan played this year? Firgured if he was he would have gotten in today
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    Future of college sports question

    This thread is not meant to start a political debate, so I ask that we stay clear of that path. I only mention the following as an introduction for a question to the fan base. With the direction of college sports in terms of pay for players, student athlete unionization, name licensing...
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    Men's Basketball 2020 JUCO C Bernard Kouma Signed with OSU

    What I look at with these type players is more about basketball IQ. If you are a 5-10 minute per game guy you better know what to do and where to be on the court. Kentravoius Jones had the size and ability, but had no clue what he was doing.
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    PFB blog

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    Gundy’s comments today

    I am 100% for getting things going but something we don't think about is that CV-19 affects the lungs and while these kids are in great shape and may be completely asymptomatic - running stadium steps in 95 degree heat puts stress on the best athletes lungs, so if they are in the least bit...
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    2020 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    Hidde is much better than people give him credit for. I would equate him as a high 3* type guy from a skill level. Can drive and shoot from deep as a 4 man. As mentioned though he is a 18 year old Euro and was not ready mentally or physically for the aggressiveness of our style of play.
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    Kenny G!! (Cowgirl softball)

    On another note is it feasible to re-model Allie P into a very nice softball stadium? The girls deserve an upgrade.
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    Baseball vs gcu

    I think you are a bit over your ski's on a Natty team. They are ranked 22nd for a reason. As far as Holliday is concerned, while I am a huge fan of his he is admittedly hard to get behind for the casual fan. This staff coaches for B12 championships and post season success. I don't think Josh...
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    Kenny G!! (Cowgirl softball)

    Props to Coach G and the Cowgirls on an impressive 4-1 record in CSP. I think you could make an argument that Coach G is only behind Coach Smith as the best coach we have on campus. In a little over 4 years he has taken a middle of the road B12 team to a legit top 10 program.
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    Talk me down from my football expectations

    Your welcome, glad I made you feel better about yourself. Tell your therapist you had a breakthrough.