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    Weekend preview focuses on OK State /Iowa State

    We are one of the games previewed. This could be for a spot in the Big 12 title game. Big tie breaker to pick up too... Anyway a good read on the weekend and the game.
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    SIAP: Illingworth recognized among top true freshmen

    He is in the top 6 now, I looked back at last week he was on their list but not in the top group. It's a beautiful thing to have a good back up quarterback being groomed to be the future already. I still want Sanders back but feel comfortable with Illingworth...
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    THE CFBS weekend recap gives the Cowboys some love

    Notes that Tulsa just beat UCF, maybe that tough win in the opener was just a solid opponent... by the way this puts K State, Iowa State and Ok State in the drivers seat in the Big 12 right now... awesome.
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    Sills takes on his former team

    Should be interesting to see Josh go against guys he practiced against for years. WVU has a couple of good DT's so we will see who has the advantage. Of course, Sills can't block both on the same play. I saw it brought up here and had forgotten that this is a matchup with his former team for...
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    We are the game to watch at noon in this weekend preview

    And I'm pretty sure it's not because of Tulsa... I actually agree that if Sanders can limit mistakes some but still make the plays he is capable of, this team will be very good this year... you can check it out here...