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  1. Triton Poke

    M. Pena

    What is the situation with Pena? Grades?
  2. Triton Poke


    Do you think CBS will put any pressure on the NCAA to lift our tourny ban this year. I would think CBS and the NCAA would want the top pick in the NBA draft to be on TV should the Pokes have a strong record.
  3. Triton Poke

    Who we rooting for?

    West Virginia over ou and Iowa State over the Horns...right?
  4. Triton Poke

    Any news on appeal?

    From what I recall, we appealed the NCAA decision on sanctions regarding Men's Basketball in June. Anyone hear any news on this or heard when we might hear news on this?
  5. Triton Poke

    Who is the new FB commit?

    Gundy posted his The stampede continues tweet an hour ago.
  6. Triton Poke

    Is there an update on Sanders?

    Is there more info on his injury than a lower extremity injury?
  7. Triton Poke


    I just read an article on ESPN about college coaches who have not had their salaries reduced due to COVID loses in athletic budgets. Some of the salaries made me about fall out of my chair. Dabo Sweeny makes $9.8 million per year, and his salary has not been reduced but other staff and...
  8. Triton Poke

    The AD list?

    There is a thought in athletics that ADs should keep a list of head coaches they are interested in just in case. You have this story re-surfacing from 1989, Sam Mayes claiming Gundy was racially insensitive to him in 2004 and former OSU football players tweeting that Gundy used racially charged...
  9. Triton Poke

    That didn’t take long. Player tests positive for Covid

    Amen O just tweeted he tested positive for COVID.
  10. Triton Poke

    MBB class moves up to #6

    Moncrief out of Canada announced his pledge tonight. MOves us to #6 in 2020 and tops in the Big 12. Hope it translates into wins next year.
  11. Triton Poke

    OSU reviews Hubbard pic

    NCAA looking into the picture of Chuba standing in front of a Bentley at a dealership in Edmonton....fantastic.
  12. Triton Poke

    Soft and plump Big 12 defenses

    I watch this SEC Shorts Youtube channel every week. The latest features ou and the Big 12. After our conference's stellar bowl performances, the truth hurts.
  13. Triton Poke

    What does this mean?

    OrangeVZN? I looked VZN up and it is slang for a smelly panda. Sorry, Gen Xer here, trying to stay up on the lingo.
  14. Triton Poke

    2020 Softball Schedule is brutal

    Is there such a thing as over-doing it with the powerhouses on the schedule? Just to name a few: LSU MIZZOU Alabama Georgia Oregon
  15. Triton Poke

    Wallace #97 and Hubbard #131

    CBS just released a projection of all 7 NFL rounds in 2020 and it has Wallace going in 3rd round at #97 and Hubbard going to Chiefs in 4th round. The WR field is stacked this year, Wallace might go higher if he waits another year, I would think the same for Hubbard. I beleive the NCAA offeres...
  16. Triton Poke

    Bizzaro World OSU season stats

    OSU defense finishes 4th in Big 12. OSU offense finishes 9th in Big 12. I guess scoring 30, 27, 26 and 16 points is not considered an offensive juggernaut.
  17. Triton Poke

    Big 12 Player of the Award Announced

    Chuba just won offensive player of the year in the Big 12. See the complete list at
  18. Triton Poke

    Strange schedule 2020 football.

    We have a game at BPS on the Saturday of Thanksgiving Week in 2020.....against the Longhorns. We play ou on October 24th. When was the last time we played Bedlam outside of November? Here's hoping I get my Christmas wish of Chuba and Tylan staying another year...
  19. Triton Poke

    CBS Sports 2020 NFL Draft

    Has only 3 Big 12 players going in 1st round, none of whom are Tylan Wallace nor Chuba Hubbard. I sure hope these two stay for another year, with the way our defense has come along and a more mature Sanders at QB, we would have to be considered a top contender for the Big 12 title.
  20. Triton Poke

    New back-up

    Costello, out of San Clemente, CA, I am assuming is now the 2nd string QB. What if Brown's hand injury is worse, or gets worse during the game? This young fella will be thrust into the fire of Big 12 play.