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    Fat Guy's Big 12 Rankings after Week 6

    1. Oklahoma- Went through the motions vs KU, Clearly looking ahead to Texas, Have not played well the past few years in the Cotton Bowl 2. Texas- Had a bit of a struggle vs WV, Probably looking ahead as well, Texas has played well the past few years at the Cotton Bowl 3. Baylor- Still...
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    Fat Guy's Big 12 Rankings after Week #5

    1. Oklahoma- Still looking impressive, October 12 will tell where this team is 2. Texas- Interesting game in Morgantown this weekend, Interested to see if they are looking ahead to next week 3. Oklahoma State- Hubbard is Dynamic, Defense played well vs KSU, Need to go take care of Tech before...
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    Fat Guy's Big 12 Rankings after Week #4

    1. Oklahoma- Should blow out Tech this weekend; We'll see if their D gets tested 2. Texas- Lost a few DBs which could be bad at the Cotton Bowl, 3. Kansas State- BIG showdown in Stillwater Saturday, Run D isn't great, Offense is great on 3rd Downs 4. Oklahoma State- Ditto above; Chuba; LD...
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    Fat Guy's Big 12 Rankings after Week #3

    1. Oklahoma- Look really good, may not best tested until Texas week 7 2. Texas- Interested to see them in person Saturday, OSU has their number in Austin 3. Oklahoma State- Statement game Saturday, got to be more consistent 4. TCU- Dominated Purdue, Defense is for real, leaning on their...
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    Fat Guy's Big 12 Rankings after Week #2

    Here is how I see the Big 12 so far: (These are my opinions and observations, so feel free to add yours) 1. Oklahoma- Hurts has been good so far, young WRs are scary, O-Line may be an issue, D is still suspect 2. Texas- D may keep them from being "back", how many games will they lose when they...
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    Kickoff Time at Texas- Sept. 21

    Whoever sees the kickoff time for the game at Texas, feel free to post here. Thanks!
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    West Virginia trip

    Looking to go and watch the Cowboys in Morgantown in November. For those of you that have made the trip before, any tips and advice would be appreciated. This will mark the last place off of the list of Big 12 stadiums to see the Cowboys.