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  1. skirtguy

    This is Our Time

    While we're on the Gundy/Chuba thing, I really liked the fact that Our Time put a time stamp on Gundy's first conversations with his staff about how they need to be better about equality within the team, etc. They were having good conversations well before the Chuba thing happened. That's a big...
  2. skirtguy

    First time in Cowboy Country

    As someone who doesn't live in Stillwater anymore, I was pretty excited to see this thread and have a nice walk down memory lane. "Joe's isn't that good, but stop by anyway" and "Hideaway pizza here is the best, but we're going to tell you about the other ones in the state even though you're...
  3. skirtguy

    An Invitation for Cowboys Coming to Morgantown

    I was just thinking long and hard about "how did she do against West Virginia?" and I couldn't figure it out. Then I realized she never had to make the trip. West Virginia doesn't have a softball team.
  4. skirtguy

    An Invitation for Cowboys Coming to Morgantown

    Just want to bump this to say that I was beyond impressed with WV fans this weekend. @sunedogsc and his tailgate were great! But really, almost every fan we met this weekend was so friendly and welcoming. I give Morgantown a 9/10. Get rid of a few of those hills and we'll make it 10/10.
  5. skirtguy

    An Invitation for Cowboys Coming to Morgantown

    I definitely plan to find you guys tomorrow! Sounds like a great time!
  6. skirtguy

    Cowgirl Softball

    Hotel in Syracuse and didn't say "Hey Skirtguy, want to watch softball together?"