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  1. Matt_bob123

    Big12 Baseball and O’Brate opening

    I get this pit in my stomach that it isn’t going to happen for a bit. No inside info, but that’s how the tea leaves read.
  2. Matt_bob123

    OSU Baseball Fall Scrimmage with Arkansas Saturday (Allie P.)

    You needed a bye week activity - make it OSU baseball. Arkansas comes to Stillwater for a 14 inning scrimmage, free admission, beginning at noon. Arkansas packed the house in Fayetteville for their scrimmage with OU. Wicklander and Noland should throw for Arkansas and those are All-SEC arms, we...
  3. Matt_bob123

    OSU Regional Moved to Oklahoma City

    Questions to be answered tonight: will it be it Stillwater or OKC (field conditions) and if it is okc, how will the ticket office handle it? Questions for tomorrow: are we a national seed and whose coming here? Either way we will need a lot of orange clad fans in attendance.
  4. Matt_bob123

    Favorite Allie P Reynolds Stadium Memories

    My favorite memory will always be 2008 Regional when Jordy Mercer tried to win it all by himself. The image of him jumping into home plate after the home run walk-off of TCU will forever be my desktop wallpaper. Tho the regional will always be associated with us being robbed of a great season by...
  5. Matt_bob123

    13 OSU baseball to host 12 Baylor in Final Ride regular season for Allie P.

    Things to remember: This is a Thursday - Saturday series to set up our pitching for the Big12 Tourney which runs Wed-Sun. Which means our starting pitchers are all short 1 days rest from their normal routine. Baylor, on the other hand, took last weekend off for finals and probably set up their...
  6. Matt_bob123

    Midweek Bedlam Baseball Tonight in Allie P

    This is the Sooner's last ever trip to Allie P, and the weather looks fantastic, THERE ARE TICKETS AVAILABLE. Get them now, and let's show our rivals to the South how loud we can make the old stadium. Allie P's last season needs a good sellout, and first 500 get a free poster of the former Allie...
  7. Matt_bob123

    OSU Baseball v Southeastern Louisiana

    First pitch at 6 tonight. They’re a traditionally quality ball club so it’d be a good series to come see and I think OSU has a family discount on tickets. - they have started slow at 6-10, but they’ve been a regional team the last few years and 2 of those losses are to top10 teams. But in my...