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  1. matxdad

    2020 Survival Pool Week 6

    No, I was attempting a joke. Just like Big 10, PAC 12. I missed the 2nd week so..... Never mind.
  2. matxdad

    2020 Survival Pool Week 6

    After a few weeks off for "covid", I'd like to join the game again.... And yes, I'm joking.
  3. matxdad

    2020 Survival Pool Week 2

    I'm late - was on vacation and with OSU postponed not thinking college football. Last week: Week 1: North Texas (55) If allowed, Week 2: Notre Dame (55) (Mom said "it never hurts to ask, all they can do is say no.")
  4. matxdad

    2020 Survival Pool Week 1

    Week 1: North Texas (55)
  5. matxdad

    Petition Calls For Stillwater's 'Eskimo Joe's' To Change Its Name, Mascot

    Interesting, when you click on the link to get to the actual petition it quickly ramps up to show 263 people have signed it, then greatly slows down showing the numbers increase one at a time until it gets to 284 as if these additional signings are "live". However, if you close and reopen it...
  6. matxdad

    Canadian County Sheriff opens applications for his Posse

    In case you want info directly from the source.... SHERIFF'S POSSE The Canadian County Sheriff's Office is looking for volunteers to serve on the "Sheriff's Posse." While traditional posse's of the Old West were used to chase down and apprehend outlaws...
  7. matxdad

    City of Stillwater thread

    Because house rentals run from June - May and have to be paid, so the room is available, and it's being paid for, and don't want to live with mom and dad anymore would rather be with friends. Plus, "it won't happen to me", and if it does "I probably won't have any symptoms" and if I do "I'll be...
  8. matxdad

    Mount Rushmore of OSU Coaches

    Allie P was built where OSU was already playing ball. Before that I don't know, but my brother played for Seminole Jr College (Coach Ward wanted him to play as a freshman otherwise he would have been a Cowboy) and they played some fall ball vs OSU in '79 and '80...
  9. matxdad

    You have $25-30,000 to buy a vehicle

    I drive a 2011 Chevy Colorado (sun burnt orange color - others seem to think it's red). Got it slightly used and has been a great vehicle. Little to no problems. Short enough to fit into the garage, but extended cab to hold 4 to 6 people (good old fashioned front bench seat with middle seat...
  10. matxdad

    City of Stillwater thread

  11. matxdad

    Stillwater Mayor

    Working on your abortion, jail, and Puerto Rico rights....
  12. matxdad

    Krazy George

    Currently George is holed up in a Tibetan monastery where he is meticulously penning his memoirs about his incredible life as the world's first professional cheerleader and male model. © 2013 SRO PRODUCTIONS. All rights reserved. • (918) 855-9931 •...
  13. matxdad

    Police state getting carried away

    If I can find it surely can find it. Posted on: April 7, 2020 Brighton Police offers apology to resident regarding park incident Today, Acting City...
  14. matxdad

    Sports to watch when there are no new sports to watch

    I recall years ago ESPN created some NFL Matchup of the Millennium games. '60s Packers vs '70 Steelers vs '80s Niners vs '90s Cowboys. You can find them on Youtube (VHS quality -- some with tracking problems). A lot of announcing and good plays from real games. Green Bay vs San Francisco was...
  15. matxdad


    I took a photo of it at that point. Those were the fun days with the Cool Chicks in Gallagher.
  16. matxdad

    Things I appreciate during the Coronavirus pandemic

    I just received a message from Hormel Foods. Indicated that they made their first batch of SPAM in 1937. With the current Coronavirus pandemic they are going to make a second batch. I appreciate that.
  17. matxdad

    Things I appreciate during the Coronavirus pandemic

    Wish we still had the drum. And just to clarify - "we are all in this together.... separately"
  18. matxdad

    Things I appreciate during the Coronavirus pandemic

    Due to lack of our management ever having a team meeting so that we can be informed of recent events and happenings at work with the ability to ask questions and give advice to others, I've been informed that my chances of catching the Coronavirus at work was basically zero, however we are now...
  19. matxdad

    Things I appreciate during the Coronavirus pandemic

    I guess all your jokes are "inside jokes" now.
  20. matxdad

    What is your coolest or most unusual OSU / Oklahoma A&M item in your collection?

    Stillwater National Bank and Trust Company Pistol Pete Bank - guessing from the early '70s