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  1. Family of Pokes

    Texas forced the LSU band to sit in the nosebleed seats

    Full title:Texas forced the LSU band to sit in the nosebleed seats in the pettiest move of the college football weekend Link...
  2. Family of Pokes

    OSU's Big 12 title marred by death of Smith's father TULSA -- Less than an hour after learning that his father had died, Oklahoma State wrestling coach John Smith held up a T-shirt proclaiming his Cowboys as the 2019 Big 12 champions. After suffering a stroke...
  3. Family of Pokes

    USF: C. Strong brings UT tackling skills

    Watching the Marshall v. USF Bad Boy Mowers Bowl Game, it appears Charlie Strong brought the UT arm tackling skills to the Sunshine State. Between the flags and the poor tackling, USF looks absolutely hapless. The other highlight of the game is the ref with the Ed Hochuli arms calling the...