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  1. SouthTulsaPoke

    New Era

    OMG. Apparently there are actually Ag Geeks! I never would’ve guessed! :woot:
  2. SouthTulsaPoke

    Cade & Viktor

    It will be interesting to see which one of them, when their careers are over, makes the most money. Don’t sell Victor short...even though he is...short.
  3. SouthTulsaPoke

    Why isn’t Baylor recognized as OSU’s Rival?

    Their rape culture makes them untouchable.
  4. SouthTulsaPoke

    Scoring Defenses in conference play.

    That's an awful lot of blather. It would've been a lot more efficient of yours and our time, if you had simply typed: "You're right. I was totally BSing you with all that 'our offense gave you ten points." You tried to pull off convincing us of some talking point on the WVU board that is...
  5. SouthTulsaPoke

    Scoring Defenses in conference play.

    How do you figure your offense GAVE us ten. Seven points were scored by our defenSe after our defenSe batted the ball off of your QB's hands and a DefenSive End scooped up the fumble and took it to the house. I also didn't see anybody from your OffenSe kick a 44 yard field goal for us. That...
  6. SouthTulsaPoke

    Scoring Defenses in conference play.

    Just a few reminders that effect such comparisons Baylor and West Virginia only scored 14 points each in regulation in their contest last week. The 7 points that Kansas scored on us was in the fourth quarter against ostensibly our third team defense. If you don't count this TD, then OSU's...
  7. SouthTulsaPoke

    Spencer Sanders Update

    A vaccine and herd immunity puts people in the seats. :whistle:
  8. SouthTulsaPoke

    OSU vs. KU

    Just to further shut the doors on the pessimists thinking this is only on ESPN+, TV Guide, who is still the leader in online TV Listings, has the game on ESPN: not ESPN+.
  9. SouthTulsaPoke

    Dunn is in over his head

    Did I ever say we ran circles against our opponent? What I said was that we suffered a string of injuries in the first quarter that forced our coaches, during halftime, to completely reconstruct our offense line, utilizing the guys left standing that had the most practice snaps. We put Bullock...
  10. SouthTulsaPoke

    Dunn is in over his head

    Oh the football geniuses that some of y’all apparently are! We lost our star QB on the first drive. in subsequent series, we lost three starters on the offensive line. Our QB2 has never taken a snap in D1 football, and didn’t get the benefit of a Spring practice. We had to move our All Big 12 LT...
  11. SouthTulsaPoke

    US Open

    I completely agree. Everytime he comes on my TV, I say, “Fat Pat!”
  12. SouthTulsaPoke

    2020 Fall Camp thread

    You hit me and I’m hitting you back twice as hard. Tough guy season!!!
  13. SouthTulsaPoke

    OSU fan survey results

    I don’t care who is writing for SI. I will never purposely read anything by that rag.
  14. SouthTulsaPoke

    Fedex Cup playoffs

    Clark is a Duck. He left, so I don’t recognize him as a Cowboy.
  15. SouthTulsaPoke

    2020 Fall Camp thread

    They must have gotten caught watching Tucker Carlson Tonight. :runaway:
  16. SouthTulsaPoke

    Who Wins a Major First

    Hovland needs to stop yucking it up with his fellow competitors and take a page from Tiger’s book, and develop a killer instinct. He had a great opportunity this weekend and Morikawa seemed more focused.
  17. SouthTulsaPoke

    and Boynton Laughs

    It’s Sports Illustrated. Why is any OSU fan reading anything from SI?
  18. SouthTulsaPoke

    Cade Cunningham sticking with the Pokes

    No team in OSU history has better lived up to the example of “loyal and true!”
  19. SouthTulsaPoke

    PFB blog

    Its time we start fighting back. Canceling the cancelere is almost poetic. Screw h Kyles and their POS blog.
  20. SouthTulsaPoke

    PFB blog

    Count me in. Pistols Firing Blog is dead to me.