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  1. wook

    2020 Fall Camp thread

    OU let their players go last week and had 9 positive tests today. None in the previous 30 days. Riding herd over college kids is going to be a real challenge. I think this season is a week to week deal.
  2. wook

    Judy Gundy passed away

    Prayers to the Gundy family.
  3. wook

    Official. 10-Game Big-12 Season

    Assume we will play Tulsa. Better opponent. Historic in state series. Long term contractual relationship between the two programs. Short travel makes it more practical to implement testing and safety protocol. TU and 9 conference games is best for OSU under the circumstances.
  4. wook

    Inviting Former Players Back

    Wasn't Thurman one of the first pro athletes to pay back his alma mater by donating the money to fund a scholarship? Seems like it was a $250,000 gift. Was a long time ago, maybe even before Gundy was HC. Just saying, I think Thurman has reached out. But it is hard to do when you live half...
  5. wook

    Finding Big Country on ESPN tonight

    If you haven’t seen this program you need to watch it. Really entertaining.
  6. wook

    Statement from Holder on football

    This is a good thing for Gundy, the players and OSU. As things played out it looked like this was a communication issue and a relationship issue, not a race issue. Gundy is a smart guy and a good coach. He can fix this and I think he will. He has a very talented team and if they all grab an...
  7. wook

    Gundy’s comments today

    Forget the politics, he made comments which literally placed football and money over the health and safety of his players. That is so wrong. Misplaced priorities. I'm sure he will say he didn't mean it that way, but that's what he said. He is being severely criticized all over the country...
  8. wook

    Message for Men's Basketball seniors

    I would like to see the seniors have the option of coming back to their school for one more year. No graduate transfers, but if they want to come back for one more year on their team, let them. Their scholarships don’t count against the overall number. In terms of who plays next year, let the...
  9. wook

    NO Fans for NIT???

    Wouldn’t be surprised if NIT simply cancels its tourney. They don’t have the financial backstop of big TV money. Hope not, but need to wait and see. Thunder game postponed tonight minutes before tipoff with 18,000 people in the arena! Crazy.
  10. wook

    MBB: Big 12 MEGATHREAD. Quarterfinals: #8 Cowboys vs #1 Jayhawks (ESPN/ESPN2 @1:30PM)

    this could play to our advantage. 15,000 KU fans eating tickets tonight. Scrimmage game atmosphere tomorrow, this is all very surreal.
  11. wook

    MBB: Big 12 MEGATHREAD. Quarterfinals: #8 Cowboys vs #1 Jayhawks (ESPN/ESPN2 @1:30PM)

    I feel good about tonight's game. Things get tough tomorrow afternoon. But, TCU beat Kansas last week, so you never know!
  12. wook

    Leslie O'Neal is a member of the 2020 CFB Hall of Fame class

    That is great news, congratulations to Leslie! He came in as an undersized freshman, but by time he graduated he was a 6'4" 270 lb. force on the defensive line.
  13. wook

    MBB: Cowboys DOMINATES Texas 81-59 FINAL BIG 12 RANKINGS. Pokes face the Cyclones in Tournament on WEDNESDAY

    Glad to see the Boys finish Strong. All in all a tough season ,especially for the seniors. Season started so promising, top 25 ranking, Ice goes down and we went into a tailspin. But, they didn’t quit and they can be proud of that. Absolutely nothing to lose in KC, go up there and play...
  14. wook

    Thanks Coach Boynton for putting in such hard work!!

    I'm actually thinking 5-1 finish. I think WVU is beatable tomorrow night.
  15. wook

    MBB: OSU at KSU 8 p.m. tonight

    I love your optimism! I agree, if we win our last 7 games we will be in the NCAA. I'm all in!!
  16. wook

    MBB: OSU at KSU 8 p.m. tonight

    If we stay on this trajectory I’m thinking 4, possibly 5 more wins? NCAA hopes are gone, but for the young guys an NIT invite would provide some good experience.
  17. wook

    MBB: OSU at KSU 8 p.m. tonight

    I think OSU has started to turn things around the last two games. I think the Pokes get a road win tonight. The fight they put up at Baylor has to lift their confidence, which is critical because during the losing streak it looked like our guys had lost confidence. If we win tonight we can...
  18. wook

    MBB: Big12 Zebras Defeat the Cowboys 70-78 (OSU was down 2 with 30sec to BU) Next up KSU on Tuesday

    That game was a complete travesty. The Big 12 is a joke. Holder needs to mount a vigorous protest and protect our coach and players. I’m sick of it.
  19. wook

    OSU Coaching changes thread

    I saw a graphic during the Browns Steelers game. In the last 50 years the Steelers have had 3 head coaches. In the same time period the Browns have had something like 16! The Browns are inherently unstable.