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  1. OSUCowboy787

    PGA Championship 2020

    Hopefully this is the year a Poke wins it. Pokes in the field. Player Place to par Thru Alex Noren t4 -1 3 Taylor Gooch 2:47PM Matt Wolff 3:25PM Viktor Hovland 3:36PM Rickie Fowler 3:47PM Only one on...
  2. OSUCowboy787

    RBC Heritage - PGA Golf

    Viktor Hovland currently sitting 3rd after the first round. Others are mid round but here is the standings so far. May have missed a guy or 2 as I was scrolling through the leaderboard. Lots of Pokes in this one! T3 V. Hovland -6 T12 R. Fowler -4 T77 K. Tway E...
  3. OSUCowboy787

    The Open Championship

    Alex Noren currently sitting 2nd and Rickie Fowler is tied for 11th. Alex Noren -3 Rickie Fowler -1
  4. OSUCowboy787

    Travelers Championship

    Both Hovland and Wolff looking to make the cut in their first PGA tournament as Pros' Currently Hovland -3 Thru 5 Wolff -2 F Hovland was -5 after 3 but got a bogey on 4 and 5 to come back to -3. Not a bad start!