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  1. CowboyJD

    Stillwater Mayor

    Just FYI, legislature made changes to the Open Meeting Act that are of limited duration to address and allow some changes necessary to deal with action during this era of social distancing.
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  5. CowboyJD

    Stillwater Mayor

    Been a design. Hope you are also doing well. I’m doing fine. Working hard at a new job. Been in it for the past year. Daughter got a quarantine puppy and I am hoping hard she can’t take it into the dorms when university opens back up because I am seriously in love with him.
  6. CowboyJD

    Stillwater Mayor

    1. Appreciate the comment. 2. Yes, there is a recall procedure for mayors in Oklahoma. 3. States of Emergency can be called before the event is a full blown disaster. Prime example is states of emergencies and evacuation orders when hurricanes are still very far out at sea. States of...
  7. CowboyJD

    A/V subscription issues

    Mine is working now.
  8. CowboyJD

    A/V subscription issues

    Same here. Just purchased. Can’t get in to A/V.