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    2020 Fall Camp thread

    They decided to cancel when the Penn State Dr. came out & mistakenly claimed a third of COVID positives athletes were positive for cardiomyosis. This was a reversal of course from their decision 2 weeks earlier. Then, it was revealed that the Dr. was only repeating something he'd been told &...
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    This is Our Time

    Watched a lot of the ISU & Kstate games. My big takeaway is the obvious lack of crowds & that the games almost felt like neutral site games with no fans. I think we'll see a fair amount of road teams winning games that they otherwise would not.
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    2020 election thread

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    Billy Donovan and Thunder part ways

    Huh? They've got a boatload of draft picks the next 3 years & absolutely robbed the Rockets in the Chris Paul trade.
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    How about Baker yesterday? How'd he do?

    Gonna be a make or break year in Cleveland. Can they shut OBJ up enough to actually play to their strenths on offense? We'll see. Mayfield's numbers out of play-action vs. straight pass plays point pretty obviously to the fact that he's much, much more efficient off of play-action. Run...
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    2020 election thread

    & the other events listed were horrific & should have never happened, but it's apples to oranges given those events affected a small segment of society vs. an entire society.
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    2020 election thread

    You clearly said 'still, it's not fraud', which is patently untrue. Perhaps you need to re-read what you wrote.
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    NOTICE Announcement

    Reminiscent of GoPokes getting rid of their most trafficked forum. Brilliant!
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    2020 election thread

    So you're saying, with a straight face, that 'signatures not matching' is no evidence of attempted fraud? That's ridiculous & absolutely could be attempted fraud.
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    Big-10 To play football...

    You have to keep in mind, 6 of their schools states' had restrictions on contact practices until Tuesday. Word is that PAC12 FB will be back by Halloween, along with the MAC. Votes expected today.
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    How is OSU football gonna work...

    You forgot the other, which is "we jumped the gun on our decision, did it with little to no explanation, reversed course on our decision in one week, thought we were the straw that stirred the drink & everyone would follow, & now we realize the lack of unity in our decision, the absolutely...
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    Thomas To Become Inaugural Inductee Into OSU Football Ring of Honor

    The No-Brainers: Fennimore Miller Thomas O'Neal Sanders Gundy Blackmon
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    Every play every game

    Washington & Michigan State say hello.
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    How is OSU football gonna work...

    B1G football back October 24th.
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    ICE sterilizing mmigrant females without consent?

    Carol Baskin replacing Pence on the ticket? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    How is OSU football gonna work...

    He's actually the guy that would refute the reported hysteria over the fire & provide the context the it was a controlled burn.
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    2020 Fall Camp thread

    If he were a UGA, Michigan or tOSU QB... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Athletic financial cuts

    This is gonna crush a lot of athletic departments Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If Football Is Cancelled

    October 10th is the drop dead date. Not enough Saturdays to get the 10 games in otherwise. So, this means the PAC12 is out, according to what Larry Scott said friday. They won't have the ability to test daily until October, & still have 6 schools whose states won't allow contact practices, so...
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    2020 election thread

    Because the entire race at this point is about swing voters, not people who've made up their minds. The Dems already shot themselves in the foot with law enforcement & now, suddenly, the rioting's not okay. Day late & a dollar short with the law enforcement community now. You don't think that...