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  1. PJCB67

    Desktop pics

    Anybody worked up some pics for possible desktop screens? Looking for Football or basketball related.
  2. PJCB67

    OSU regional on ESPN3?

    Doesn't show as available. Previous games were!
  3. PJCB67

    Best Espn3 source tool?

    What will be a good tool to access espn3? Apple fire stick?
  4. PJCB67

    Congratulations to the Cowboys Baseball team

    They've [layed two of their better games all year at Oregon State and won the first two on the road at a top 5 school. Will be interesting to see what they are ranked after this weekend.
  5. PJCB67

    So what's the story on the softball reschedule?

    What's the result of the discussion about the softball schedule for all three OU games?