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    If Football Is Cancelled

    Wow, it appears the morons (at least some) are alive and well on this thread. You can join Burns Hargus under his bed. Both of you will be safe with no hard decisions to make.
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    My son, a plastic surgeon, with a masters degree from Texas Tech in Cell Molecular Biology tells me if you put a typical medical mask under a 10 power microscope, you can see the space between fibers. A virus molecule is one hundred times smaller than the those passage ways. Masks don't matter...
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    Chuba award thread

    It always comes down to the OU game. Gundy is a has been. 8-9 wins and a bowl game, that's his goal as a mediocre $5.125 Million head coach. And the majority of oSu fans are happy with cold oatmeal vs. running the risk of something better.
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    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State

    Yeah, likely nobody left to kick the Mullet's ass into a higher gear. Boone said, "He planted not small trees.... well???
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    Yeah, this same "Move" worked so well in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. Nothing like interfering in another country's sovereign political decisions. Their history belongs to them.
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    Kingsbury gone?

    They (TT) weren't smart enough to hang on to ML and pay him what he was (is) worth. Why would TT be smart enough to land one of his proteges?