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  1. PJCB67

    Gundy’s comments today

    Your obvious left of center view shows more how you strive to make everything said into a political issue. I think your comments show a reason we are happy to have an ignore button.
  2. PJCB67

    Sunday Baseball time change

    Sure would be nice if the camera crew would pan around the NEW stadium once in a while. The home base batting view seems to be very wide and distant and mostly of the BIG BLANK wall looking in over the pitchers shoulder. batters look very short and down in a hole. A walk around camera view once...
  3. PJCB67

    Bedlam Wrestling

    As usual Dish dropped out the Regional Fox channels.
  4. PJCB67

    2019 Survival Pool Week 4

    Wk 1: Iowa Wk 2:Kansas State (47) Wk 3:Wake Forest (21) Wk 4:TCU (28)
  5. PJCB67

    the ESPN + thread

    Is there any hope that ESPN+ feed sound feed problems in the McNeese game will be fixed or is that normal with the source package?
  6. PJCB67

    2019 Survival Pool Week 3

    would have sworn I had kansas playing wake forest instead of BC! Guess I'm still in.
  7. PJCB67

    2019 Survival Pool Week 3

    Allright already Boom!! Thanks Lester
  8. PJCB67

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Tulsa

    Watching the ISU/Iowa game and have heard the announcers use a term multiple time referring to players on both teams. They were talking about receivers called TIGHTENDS. Do we have one or more on our team??? Strong sarcasm indicated.
  9. PJCB67

    2019 Survival Pool Week 3

    Wk 1: Iowa Wk 2:Kansas State (47) Wk 3:Wake Forest (21)
  10. PJCB67

    2019 Survival Pool Week 2

    Wk 1: Iowa Wk 2:Kansas State (47)
  11. PJCB67

    Official Survival Pool Week 1 2019

    Wk 1: Iowa
  12. PJCB67

    Desktop pics

    Anybody worked up some pics for possible desktop screens? Looking for Football or basketball related.
  13. PJCB67

    OSU regional on ESPN3?

    Doesn't show as available. Previous games were!
  14. PJCB67

    OSU Regional Moved to Oklahoma City

    So whats the story on the espn3 not having the live final?
  15. PJCB67

    Best Espn3 source tool?

    What will be a good tool to access espn3? Apple fire stick?
  16. PJCB67

    Congratulations to the Cowboys Baseball team

    They've [layed two of their better games all year at Oregon State and won the first two on the road at a top 5 school. Will be interesting to see what they are ranked after this weekend.
  17. PJCB67

    So what's the story on the softball reschedule?

    Just saw on okstate, single norman today as scheduled, double header tomorrow in Stillwater. 11:30 and 3:00
  18. PJCB67

    So what's the story on the softball reschedule?

    What's the result of the discussion about the softball schedule for all three OU games?
  19. PJCB67

    Baseball season opener VS UTRGV

    Amazing that Baseball "Promotions" was able to swing the new park with no better effort than they make to bring the product to market to the fans.
  20. PJCB67

    Gabe Simpson

    Now you are into my era. '65 -'67.