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  1. Chairman of the Board

    Learfield IMG College Cowboy Classics FFW to 1 hour 20 minutes and enjoy
  2. Chairman of the Board

    ESPNU 2005 Big 12 Tourney Championship/#10 OSU vs TTU

    Pokes up early 9-4, great D by Bobik leads to a layup by John Lucas. If JamesOn and Stevie Graham didn't have carrying violations, this game wouldn't even be this close.
  3. Chairman of the Board

    Doug Gottleib wishes Eddie happy bday

    Great quotes
  4. Chairman of the Board

    OSU vs St Louis Baseball

    Billikens are 10-4 this year, so no slouch. These midweek games are always dangerous. I won’t be able to update for an hour or so.
  5. Chairman of the Board

    OSU vs BYU baseball

    Need a bounce back after Tuesday. Parker Scott for OSU vs RHP Justin Sterner — 0-0 with a 3.18 ERA in three starts; 19 K, 5 BB in 17.0 IP The Cougars are 7-6 so far this year and are only hitting .215 as a team (the exact same BA MSU had before Tuesday's game)
  6. Chairman of the Board

    OSU vs Missouri St baseball

    Underway, Kale Davis gets his first start--struggling so far. 2 walks to start the game. MSU is 5-6 this year and only hits .215 as a team. Pitching is their forte, with 3.59 team ERA. So far they have wins over Rice and ORU, but at one points this year they went three games without scoring a run.
  7. Chairman of the Board

    Baseball vs UTRGV

    RGV a solid opponent. Split with KSU in 4 last weekend. Parker Scott on the mound
  8. Chairman of the Board

    OSU baseball at Arizona State

    ASU is ranked #8 and started the season 2-2 against 'Nova and Michigan. Sun Devils are starting a lefty, OSU's starter is TBD Game is on PAC+ Plus.
  9. Chairman of the Board

    Cowgirl bedlam

    OSU down 18-16 after 1
  10. Chairman of the Board

    Wrestling at ISU

    Picc starts off with a major and OSU is up 4-0
  11. Chairman of the Board

    Wrestling vs UNI

    Tied 3-3 Picc won and Witcraft lost
  12. Chairman of the Board

    Talk me down from my football expectations

    Chuba back Wallace back Young DL back and reinforced Bundage back Stoner back Most of OL back with NFL caliber reinforcement Defense improving for first time in many years Sanders 2nd year as the man Schedule has the Horns coming to Stillwater and Sooners may take a slight step back due to many...
  13. Chairman of the Board

    Cowgirl Bedlam

    OSU up 34-29 at half. Gray struggling or it would be a bigger lead.
  14. Chairman of the Board

    B-ball Vs SELA

    Pokes up 5-0 early. ICE in the starting lineup.
  15. Chairman of the Board

    Likele likely back vs SELa on Sunday

    Per Oklahoman. Great news. Also good to have a game to knock the rust off before conference play.
  16. Chairman of the Board

    Bedlam Wrestling

    Haven't seen a wrestling post but the Pokes beat OU, 23-9 in Norman. Ten straight dual wins over OU.
  17. Chairman of the Board vs Ark

    Pokes and Hogs on the air brought to you by Rex and the Chief
  18. Chairman of the Board

    MLB Draft A lot of familiar opponents getting drafted. Didn’t see anything OSU related, now or future. But I’m no recruiting expert, and it’s very early.
  19. Chairman of the Board

    Big 12 Tournament

    First up is KU vs WVU. KU has a slim shot to get in the NCAA tournament, but likely needs to win the whole thing. WVU leads 9-3 in the 4th, so not good for the Jayhawks. WVU is going to be very dangerous in a regional.
  20. Chairman of the Board

    OSU v Baylor

    Big Joe getting the start tonight. Good move—that way Jensen and Parker are on normal rest.