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    Question regarding the public reactions to racism

    I think all agree that education is one of the main issues for blacks in America, or lack of a good one. With that said, why is it that democrats won’t support school choice so that black children would have a better chance to receive a better education? I realize that they are in bed with the...
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    Well it's official everything is racist.

    I am sure that olderschool will find what you are looking for.
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    Statement from Holder on football

    They aren’t racist. It’s just a source of info that doesn’t subscribe to the narrative they push, hence the race card.
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    a real chance

    Hopefully there will be a season to find out. I hope that they incorporate Woods, Stoner, and Wolf a lot more.
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    You’re being generous with the ten percent number.
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    OSU Men's Basketball banned from postseason for 2020-21

    Duke has some major power.
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    PFB blog

    Well said.
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    George Floyd

    I’m sure at some point there will be a call by these groups to start burning certain books too. Seem to recall the Germans of the 1930s doing the same.
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    George Floyd

    I wonder if any of these ivory tower celebrities will use their millions to help these innocent business owners that have lost everything instead of bailing out the rioters and looters from jail.
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    Coach Eddie Sutton passes away at 84

    RIP Coach. You were one of the great ones.
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    Gundy’s comments today

    This times 20
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    Eddie is finally in the Hall of Fame

    Way past due. Glad they finally came to their senses and got over whatever bias they had against him. Job well done Coach Sutton!!
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    ESPNU 2005 Big 12 Tourney Championship/#10 OSU vs TTU

    Now they are playing the 2006 game with Kansas.
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    ESPNU 2005 Big 12 Tourney Championship/#10 OSU vs TTU

    Frascilla talking about the travesty of Sutton not being in the hall of fame 15 years ago. Smh
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    ESPNU 2005 Big 12 Tourney Championship/#10 OSU vs TTU

    Game was allowed to be more physical back then than today.
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    ESPNU 2005 Big 12 Tourney Championship/#10 OSU vs TTU

    Man I miss this defensive intensity. Wish it still existed in GIA.
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    ESPNU 2005 Big 12 Tourney Championship/#10 OSU vs TTU

    And Eddie extremely displeased with the defense the last play of the half. Miss that man.
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    TV for Baseball games

    hey pot meet kettle. And as far as learning something, I will use your own words that you used when choosing to engage, f@$k you, jackass.
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    OSU vs BYU baseball

    Very enjoyable to watch those two tonight. What a difference two days make.
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    OSU vs BYU baseball

    Awesome performance by the two pitchers tonight.