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  1. PJ-OSU

    How OSU becomes a title contender (ESPN)

    No big arguments here. A better Sanders, d-line push, and corner coverage would sure go a long way towards some W's. Oklahoma State Cowboys (+5000) If ... Spencer...
  2. PJ-OSU

    ESPN 40 under 40 College B-ball Coaches I thought this was a decent read since I am starved for college round ball. Rankings of note (for me at least): 4. Mike Boynton: I hope the performance of the team this year is...
  3. PJ-OSU

    Eddie - Some Good ESPN Write-ups

    Most of this info is old hat for OSU fans (Put him in the HOF, for effs sake), but it is nice to see it on the WWL main page. Sure wish the documentary could get aired ASAP as a 30 for 30 since there are so many people home who would probably love to devour anything new and sports related...
  4. PJ-OSU

    Remember the 10

    Didn't see a post for this yet and felt it was warranted. Go Pokes, beat Kansas.