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  1. RxCowboy

    Coronavirus pandemic non-socio-political discussions

    From my friend at Purdue: Feb 26 I have been getting some questions regarding things you can do to "be prepared" in case coronavirus hits the USA. Here are my recommendations. 1) frequent handwashing with soap and warm water. 2) hand sanitizer, 3) replace hand towels and washcloths more often...
  2. RxCowboy

    Things I appreciate during the Coronavirus pandemic

    I just received a notification that the Latter Day Saints want to tell me about another Gospel of Jesus Christ and due to the Coronavirus pandemic they'll stay at least 6 feet off my porch. I appreciate that. I'm still not opening the door.
  3. RxCowboy

    Grampa v Grampa

  4. RxCowboy

    The Butt-man for Prez thread

  5. RxCowboy

    The Bernie "That wasn't real soclialism" thread

    Now that Bernie is the front runner he deserves his own thread. Things are getting weird for him in Nevada. Topless protesters, something about milk.
  6. RxCowboy

    The Thurnzilla thread

  7. RxCowboy

    Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccination and Autism: A Nationwide Cohort Study

    From Annals of Internal Medicine Ann Intern Med. 2019;170(8):513-520. DOI: 10.7326/M18-2101 Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccination and Autism: A Nationwide Cohort Study Authors: Anders Hviid, DrMedSci; Jørgen Vinsløv Hansen, PhD; Morten Frisch, DrMedSci; Mads Melbye, DrMedSci Abstract...
  8. RxCowboy

    'Predatory' Advertising by IVF Clinics

    It's difficult for me to think of something worse than taking advantage of people who are desperate to have a baby. From medscape: 'Predatory' Advertising by IVF Clinics Megan Brooks December 02, 2019 PHILADELPHIA — Not all in vitro fertilization (IVF) clinics in the United States follow...
  9. RxCowboy

    Sunday (Saturday) Morning Coaches - Submission to Alpha edition

    My analysis here is going to be pretty simple, three things: 1. Two missed field goals and a shanked punt cost us a 13 point swing and we lost by 3. Otherwise, the two primary units played pretty well. 2. +2 in turnovers and lost. Offense didn't take advantage of turnovers. 3. With Brown at QB...
  10. RxCowboy

    Sunday Morning Coaches - Week 13, John Denver edition

    This game had me really worried going into it. The week before Bedlam against an inferior opponent made it a "trap" game. Also, on the road, inclement weather, and without our starting QB and our all-world wide receiver.; and them having some momentum after changing QBs and desperately needing a...
  11. RxCowboy

    Nov 20th, 2019

  12. RxCowboy


    I can't even...
  13. RxCowboy

    Sunday Morning Coaches - Week 12, Fried Chicken Hawk Edition

    This whole thing could be summed up with a single sentence: Kansas isn't very good. But a win is a win, so here goes... Offense: C The long TD pass to Stoner looked great, and Sanders had a couple of nice runs. I get that we have simplified things for him, but this seems like the game where we...
  14. RxCowboy

    Medical Students Fall Short on Blood Pressure Check Challenge

    I had to be certified to take blood pressures for the ALLHAT and HOT trials. I can tell you for a fact I have never walked into a clinic and had it done properly. I can also tell you that the part about "picking up contrasting lessons during clinical exposures" is true. Medical Students Fall...
  15. RxCowboy

    Sunday Morning Coaches - Week 10, Leaping Horny Toads edition

    I said before the game that it would come down to which of the two freshman QBs played better and avoided costly mistakes. That turned out to be exactly the case. Offense: B+ We still have problems sustaining drives. Fortunately, we have the Chubacabra to bail us out. I thought Stoner might be...
  16. RxCowboy

    Sunday Morning Coaches - Week 9, Children of a Lesser Corn God Edition

    I could really sum this game up in one sentence, the defense won the game in the second half. This was a victory for the defense that only gave up a single touchdown in the second half that wasn't off a turnover. Offense: B- The first half showed how good the offense could be. The second half...
  17. RxCowboy

    Sunday Morning Coaches - Week 8, Dancing not allowed Edition

    Offense: D I said after the Tech game that Sanders' turnover problem wasn't going to be an easy fix. When things break down he will revert to instinct, and unfortunately his instinct is loose with the ball. He seldom progresses past the first read and either forces the ball in the the first...
  18. RxCowboy

    Heating a tent

    Anyone know of a heater, preferably inexpensive, that's safe to use in a tent?
  19. RxCowboy

    Sunday Morning Coaches - Week 6, Tortilla Tossers Edition

    Welp, for the second week in a row I didn't get to see the game. I also didn't get to listen to it yesterday, either, I'll have to watch a replay today (although, given that we lost I'm not so excited to watch). I did get to do something worthwhile, yesterday, however. I was in a ceremony...
  20. RxCowboy

    The Trump Tower - the classiest!

    Nothing but Trump memes and stuff.