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  1. crimsonhater

    Eddie - Some Good ESPN Write-ups

    OH MY GOODNESS..........
  2. crimsonhater

    Big12 Baseball and O’Brate opening

    Most of these decisions are not even close to being made yet. We don’t know about the likelihood or postponement of the Draft. We don’t know if Srs will want another year of schooling. We don’t know what agents are selling the guys. We don’t know how much $ guys like Parker and Leeper could lose...
  3. crimsonhater

    2020 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    Could Hidde be forced out if we pick up Thor Williams and Flavors? Any other possible changes? Idk what the relationship with Hidde is because after conference started there was no mentioning of him. Did he tear an acl?
  4. crimsonhater

    Eddie Sutton: Basketball HOF Finalist - 2020 version

    Sooooo as of today they still plan on having the what a travesty this hasn’t been picked up with the next week being used to promote Coach Sutton! How has someone like Tony or the Athletic Dept not just paid $1M to get it to the masses?
  5. crimsonhater

    2020 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    A lot of grad transfers want the ball and a quick path to the NBA. Cade will command the ball along with Ice so it’s hard for a transfer to get the same feeling with us as other teams with major openings. Hence why there aren’t many super teams except some UK Duke and UNC teams occasionally.
  6. crimsonhater

    Football 2021 S Kendal Daniels

    Picked up a Bama offer
  7. crimsonhater

    2020 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    What is the story in Hidde? ACL? He looked like a Mitch Solomon type player who was developing
  8. crimsonhater

    2020 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    I didn’t make the cartoon but at least we know they’re talking
  9. crimsonhater

    2020 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    Could it play in our favor that Jt can’t travel to Auburn or UCLA and he wants to commit in April? He’s already been to STW plus Moncrieffe Rondel and Cade are staying on him. Also Coach has been in daily contact with him. So rare to have such a quiet recruitment
  10. crimsonhater

    MBB: Big 12 MEGATHREAD. Quarterfinals: #8 Cowboys vs #1 Jayhawks (ESPN/ESPN2 @1:30PM)

    Our timeout timing is pitiful. Eddie would snap a timeout on a bad possession. We let a guy hit a 3, then drive entire court to basket then act stunned when he hits a 16’ fade-away. It’s called momentum. We never know when to stop another teams.
  11. crimsonhater

    MBB class moves up to #6

    People have mentioned the muscle gain of 20+ lbs throwing off his mechanics. He does not look confident or the same mechanics
  12. crimsonhater

    MBB: OSU defeats KSU 69-63. LAST GAME @Texas LONGHORNS on Saturday

    Youthful errors all year. Rushing plays. Moving before securing the pass. No confidence. Taking rushed bad shots. Poor passing angles. When you get pressured young players screw up. It’s hard for Srs to play with young guys because of the previous mentioned issues plus many more. Story of our...
  13. crimsonhater

    2020 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    Recent twitter talks showing we may have slowed on JT Thor. He is still a target but with the reclassifying and Kentucky and Auburn talks, maybe we just said on to the next one. Donovan seems like a solid potential, hopefully KU doesn't sneak in late. Getting him in for an official is huge. I...
  14. crimsonhater

    2020 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    And it says 5 in the pic. We have 4 committed
  15. crimsonhater

    Wrestling Recruiting and Lineups Moving Forward For anyone interested. There is a lot of KS talent compared to OK. We have a lot of new faces coming in the next two years
  16. crimsonhater

    2020 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    Peña still at Arlington? Crazy being from a large TX city we haven’t seen much at all. Some of his hilights last yr makes him look like an long athletic project like Yor. We are definitely getting some length for defense
  17. crimsonhater

    Wrestling Pokes @ Iowa - Sunday - 7pm - Big Ten Network

    Man they are pretty young and talented. Ouch. Could be some humble pie for us.
  18. crimsonhater

    2020 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    @ThePoke1 what about Seton Halls and our chances? If you’ve heard GTown is out then ya know where he’s going. You have proven yourself several times!
  19. crimsonhater

    What OSU Basketball means to you...

    The Mizzou game after the plane tragedy And when we won bedlam and the football team walked in at halftime. That place was total deafening!!
  20. crimsonhater

    What OSU Basketball means to you... share the positive memories you have and what the program means to you. We are all part of that million fan orange tidal wave every game day!!