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  1. CaptainEric

    Coaching Carousel

    1. These guys (Rutgers - Chris Ash, Florida State - Willie Taggart, Arkansas - Chad Morris, Missouri - Barry Odom) have already been fired. Who do you think will be next? My guesses are: Ole Piss - Matt Luke South Florida - Charlie Strong 2. Who begins next year on the the hot seat and gets...
  2. CaptainEric

    Saban, Bigger Crybaby Than TCU's Fatterson!

    ""I really feel it was an unfair play at the end of the game," the Alabama coach said. "They substituted a punter as a wide receiver, so we put the punt team in"
  3. CaptainEric

    Big 12 Players of the Week

    Almost a sweep,
  4. CaptainEric

    Big 12 Games, Week 8

    Predicted winners in bold. WVU vs OU ISU vs TTU TCU vs KSU Rapelor vs OSU KU vs UT I'd love to see KU beat UT again. That would be awesome! Pokes win 33 - 27
  5. CaptainEric

    Interesting, Roster Composition

    According to this article,, we have the highest percentage of freshman on the roster than any other team. You have to read down a bit to find it 1. Oklahoma State 57.1% 2. UCLA 52.5%...
  6. CaptainEric

    Big 12 Games, Week 7

    Wow 4 teams with byes this week. OU vs UT TT vs Rapelor ISU vs WVU I predict the Pokes will have a turn over free week and squeak by Bye in a tight game. We need this after last week's debacle. OU over the Whorns by 17. Praying that Tortilla Tossers beat the snot out of Rapelor, but I...
  7. CaptainEric

    Big 12 Games, Week 6

    OU vs KU OSU vs TTU TCU vs ISU UT vs WVU Rapelor vs KSU Home team wins 1 game (KSU vs Rapelor). 56-24 Pokes over the taco tossers!
  8. CaptainEric

    ESPN Bowl Projections Camping World: vs Notre Dame Alamo: vs Washington I'd prefer the higher bowl and playing the golden domers. Won't happen with the conference tie-ins.
  9. CaptainEric

    2019 Predictions

    Curious about peoples thoughts on the upcoming season. Starting QB for the first conference game (Texas)? Sanders - Even though I think Brown will start against Ore St, I think Sanders is the starter when conference play begins. Not really based on anything, other than he has the biggest...