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  1. Orange Superman

    Football 2020 CB Jabbar Muhammad Committed to OSU

    I honestly think, Muhammad and Presley(if he so chooses) could be the two best corners OSU has seen since probably Darrent Williams. They both dominated camps on that side of the ball. Presley on both sides.
  2. Orange Superman

    Chu Ba !!! ??

    I can't take this anymore!!! Between Chuba and Monken......I'm losing my freaking mind!!!
  3. Orange Superman

    Football 2020 DT Sawyer Goram-Welch

    Gods speed. Can't argue the allure for a Texas kid.
  4. Orange Superman

    Football 2020 TE Price Daube Committed to OSU

    Is this real? Don't see it on any other sites.
  5. Orange Superman

    Sunday Morning Coaches - Week 4, Vegan edition

    #40 is out of position. He needs to put a hand in the ground. Trace Ford should be starting in that spot. He'll take his lumps, but he will make more plays.
  6. Orange Superman

    Tylan Wallace NFL draft

    I find that commentary hilarious. Clearly didn't see his speed last week. They have him ranked below Judy, Shenault, Lamb, Collin Johnson, Tee Higgins and Reagor. On a side note, that HS WR class out of Texas in 2017 was INSANE!!
  7. Orange Superman

    Football 2020 Ath Brennan Presley Committed to OSU

    I have feeling we will have a fight to keep this kid. His numbers are beyond madden type rookie mode. Offers will start rolling in.
  8. Orange Superman

    Go Houston Thread!!!

    Entire thread felt weird to read. Borderline closet soonerish.
  9. Orange Superman

    Israel Antwine

    Henry, Antwine, Junior, and Bundage stayed in Stillwater. Im guessing Devin Harper as well.
  10. Orange Superman

    Why didnt we see Jahmyl Jeter?

    I was shocked to see Micah Cooper in as RB3. Is Jeter hurt/doghouse?
  11. Orange Superman

    Football 2020 Ath Brennan Presley Committed to OSU

    The more highlights I watch, the more excited I am about young Mr Presley. Dude is a Darrent William's clone.
  12. Orange Superman

    Football 2020 Ath Brennan Presley Committed to OSU

    YASSSSS!!! This is one kid I really wanted in orange. He will be a playmaker in the slot or CB....or both . P4P the best football player in state. Google him....eye in the sky doesn't lie. He will get bigger offers soon.
  13. Orange Superman

    Projected Football Depth chart

  14. Orange Superman

    Football 2020 LB Cole Thompson Committed to OSU

    Yessss!!! I really like the in-state kids so far. Hope we can get some more!!
  15. Orange Superman

    Football 2020 S Myles Slusher

    I would love for OSU to get both Broken Arrow kids!!
  16. Orange Superman

    Football 2020 S Myles Slusher

    I know a guy who played with either Hesters dad or uncle in HS. Said his dad/uncle was a freak athlete too, but got in trouble off the field. Family is OU. They were surprised he didn't commit when they offered.