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  1. OranGE-KK

    How about Baker yesterday? How'd he do?

    Sounds like he just wanted to show her the ultimate fan experience. And sounds like she got more out of the Browns than any of the rest of their fans. Win-win!
  2. OranGE-KK

    Wuhan Coronavirus

    Now that’s a degree of partisan hack BS I didn’t know existed, the “Thread about a virus killing people in Asia & spreading across the globe; I should bring up Trump!”. Good God, man. Keep that shit somewhere else.
  3. OranGE-KK

    Bernie campaign text

    My dad has Alexa; at Christmas I would ask her to play increasingly more obscure John Denver songs & see how long it would play before he yelled at her to play something else.
  4. OranGE-KK

    Who has the best degree and makes the most money?

    I operate a coal-fired power plant. Whether it’s Ice Bowl 2.0, or 90+ degrees (or any variance in between), it’s my fault.
  5. OranGE-KK

    Life after Trump

    More like this:
  6. OranGE-KK

    Matt Rhule - Baylor Salary

    “Never seen corn in a fruitcake before”
  7. OranGE-KK

    52 targets for 52 hostages

    Wait, so we’re back to worrying about them now? This is so hard to keep up with....
  8. OranGE-KK

    Todd Monken

    Gah.... I was able to brush off the rest of em, but this one. :runaway:
  9. OranGE-KK

    Tweet of the Day

    Get ready. PS. Thats creepy AF that I read that comment, then went to news & this was the first headline from 10 minutes ago
  10. OranGE-KK

    Tweet of the Day

    Y’all have this all wrong... Sarah & Joe compete in the pushup contest; winner moves on to face Bernie in the IQ test. If they defeat him, THEN they get to kick him in the nuggets.
  11. OranGE-KK

    Republican Future Litmus Test

    Wish I could check all positive reactions that apply; agree, winner, thumbs up... Yes Sir!
  12. OranGE-KK

    How about Baker yesterday? How'd he do?

    I didn’t know last year didn’t count? And I heard someone somewhere (this thread) say the Browns were most likely playoff bound.
  13. OranGE-KK

    The Ocasio-Cortez Thread

  14. OranGE-KK

    How about Baker yesterday? How'd he do?

    If Devlin Hodges is the current measuring stick for success, I guess we know where Mayfield ranks. You know, since he’s coming off a loss to that undrafted FA from Samford & all the other injury fill-ins?
  15. OranGE-KK

    How about Baker yesterday? How'd he do?

    Then again....