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  1. PokeGrad05

    Georgetown/oSu @ GIA....#1 ESPN MUST WATCH

    Georgetown losing 2 contributors, one of which is their starting PG. Hate to see it, but helps the Pokes chances on Wednesday.
  2. PokeGrad05

    Cowboy Basketball vs Charleston

    This is why I stray away from game threads as the game is going on.
  3. PokeGrad05

    2020 Cowboy Baseball

    I love DW. He plays hard all the time and had a great year. He was one of only 5 players in the Texas League to hit .300 or better. MLB Draft analyst Jim Callis said he would be an MLBer right after the M’s drafted him. There’s also this...
  4. PokeGrad05

    Why didnt we see Jahmyl Jeter?

    There ya go...
  5. PokeGrad05

    The Open Championship
  6. PokeGrad05

    The Real Fall Camp 2019 Thread

    Dunn still thinks he’ll be special, but probably will not start. He needs to continue to work on consistency.
  7. PokeGrad05

    The Open Championship

    I think I read where they went out to recruit Ventura and happened to see Hovland play at the same time.
  8. PokeGrad05

    The Open Championship

    Not from The Open, but in other Okstate Golf School news... Kristoffer Ventura earned his PGA Tour Card with his win today on the Korn Ferry Tour. Congrats to him!
  9. PokeGrad05

    Baseball 2022 Brennan Phillips

    LHP Brennan Phillips, out of baseball powerhouse Owasso, committed yesterday. Don’t know much about him but FB already in the low-80sand change-up in the mid-70s with room to grow and add velo.
  10. PokeGrad05

    Summer League Baseball 2019

    Good to see this from Parker...
  11. PokeGrad05

    Summer League Baseball 2019

    Same song, different verse for Cabbiness...
  12. PokeGrad05

    1997 season

    He did not start that year. Billy Dicken was the starting QB for Purdue.
  13. PokeGrad05

    Rocket Mortgage Classic

    A number of former Pokes competing in Detroit, led by CHIII in solo second at -12 (-5 for the current round with 2 holes to play). Projected cut is -4. Fowler -7 Gooch -5 Uihlein -4 Hovland -4 Wolff -1 Hoffmann -1 Mahan +1 Bauchou +8 Fowler and Howell are getting a lot of air time.
  14. PokeGrad05

    Summer League Baseball 2019

    I don’t see the gripe with what Ptak said and don’t understand the nitpicking. I feel like contributing and giving back to the community is just as important as contributing to the program. Maybe that’s just me, though.
  15. PokeGrad05

    Who's gonna start at QB?

    Over the last few games of the season, the defense played better in the 2nd half of games.
  16. PokeGrad05

    MLB Draft

    As expected, Jensen Elliott and Jake Lyons have signed with the Orioles. Good luck to them!
  17. PokeGrad05

    2020 Cowboy Baseball

    You can probably count on one hand how many players in rounds 1 through 10 that do not sign. I don’t imagine Gragg will be any different. He could probably be a fast mover in the bullpen.
  18. PokeGrad05

    Super Regional Game 3

    He was Debbie downer in 95% of his posts, but then came back with the reverse psychology shtick after we had won.
  19. PokeGrad05

    Super Regional Game 3

    Leeper coming on.
  20. PokeGrad05

    Super Regional Game 3

    Navi has a great backhand pick off the bat of Jung. Picked up the short hop. Boone with the Gap Band!! 1-0 Pokes!