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  1. AustinOSU

    Viktor Hovland wins 2019 Ben Hogan Award

    How is there no thread when one of our guys wins the equivalent of the Heisman Trophy for golf? #golfschool
  2. AustinOSU

    Men's golf regional

    And the title defense continues. Looks like we are off to a good start. Auburn -7 OSU -6 Baylor -4 Arizona -3 WVU -1 ISU -1 Louisville +1
  3. AustinOSU

    Zac Robinson’s new job

    Didn’t see this posted anywhere. How long before he’s an NFL head coach? Sean McVay is hiring Zac Robinson as Zac Taylor’s successor in LA and the Rams’ new assistant QB coach, per source. Robinson is a former NFL practice squad QB, PFF analyst, and QB trainer. The two finalists were him and...