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  1. Wayne C

    Tomorrow is Veterans Day.

    One person I grew up with. Also, my dad served in WWII on a Liberty ship to North Africa and then to Marselles France. From there he was transferred to another ship headed to Japan for the final invasion. They were transferring pilots for the planes that were going to be the first fron on Japan.
  2. Wayne C

    Dove season!

    Going scouting this weekend southeast of Durant. Live in Dallas. Looks like we had a bonus season in the neighborhood. Reports?
  3. Wayne C

    Prime Minister of Poland Signs Global Appeal to Stop 5G

    by JULIAN ROSE JUNE 11, 2019 In what is surely an unprecedented and groundbreaking action, the Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki, has personally backed an International Appeal to stop the controversial roll-out of 5G electro magnetic microwave telecommunication transmissions. 5G, a...
  4. Wayne C

    Rankings on Orangepower.

    Just went to Sheriff. What are the rankings for posts, etc? Thanks