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  1. PokeSaladAnnie

    2 tickets and GS parking Pass TCU game.

  2. PokeSaladAnnie

    Ranked 21 in AP and 25 in Amway!!!

    Amway Poll 1ALA5-0156229212/2 2CLEM5-01526301-11/1 3UGA4-0144613—3/3 4OKLA4-0137304—4/4 5OSU5-013624615/6 6LSU4-0134905-15/6 7AUB5-0119807—7/16 8FLA5-0110008—8/10 9WIS4-0109709—9/17 10ND3-1987010—7/10 11PSU4-0978011—11/14 12TEX3-1912012—9/13 13ORE3-1813013—13/18 14IOWA4-0790014—14/19...
  3. PokeSaladAnnie

    Go Houston Thread!!!

    I picked OU to put the hex on them. I believe OSU has some players transfer to HOU. HOU has a 6’7” Aussie Punter that just punted 69-yards. OU 7 HOU 0 going into second quarter!!!
  4. PokeSaladAnnie

    Rickie Fowler's Mullett?

    Is that a Mullet and mustache on Fowler? I wonder if he gets more money endorsements with a Mullett? I know he wears Orange on Sundays, so will the Mullett help him wins some Big Ones? I know Gundy is one of the highest paid coaches with a Mullett, but I bet Fowler brings home more bacon due...
  5. PokeSaladAnnie

    CWS Irony...

    Had we beat TT we would either be playing FSU or Arkansas on Monday. FSU looks like they have already been written in to get to the finals. Either TT or ARK will be eliminated on Monday. FSU had the first shutout in CWS since the 80’s. TT lost their lead off hitter with a broken thumb in our...