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  1. OrangeFan69

    Pat Jones dissing on Hubbard

    Pat Jones is way off the mark on this, but damn, I love that jacket!
  2. OrangeFan69

    Mason v. Baker Tonight

    I get that gold digger angle, but Ray Rice hasn't played a down in the NFL since the incident and it's been five plus years.
  3. OrangeFan69

    Mason v. Baker Tonight

    Has the appeal to the suspension already been heard? Must have missed that.
  4. OrangeFan69

    Mason v. Baker Tonight

    I saw Garrett hit Rudolph borderline late and dragged him down which was penalty worthy. I saw Rudolph got frustrated and foolishly tried to rip his helmet off. I saw Rudolph's teammates defend Rudolph and get in Garrett's face for the hit I saw Garrett react over-the-line by ripping...
  5. OrangeFan69

    Mason v. Baker Tonight

    Myles shouldn't have successfully grabbed his helmet I agree. I missed the part where Myles was chasing Rudolph around his offensive linemen to hit him in the head with the helmet. Too bad there wasn't time for Rudolph to cool down because he was getting chased by a helmet-swinging linemen.
  6. OrangeFan69

    Mason v. Baker Tonight I don't think you should be more outraged than Jenay Rice (wife) is five years later.
  7. OrangeFan69

    Mason v. Baker Tonight

    I agree Myles hit him late.
  8. OrangeFan69

    Mason v. Baker Tonight

    Just a point of information, but Rudolph tried to rip off Garrett's helmet first. Don't really want to let facts get in the way of a good outrage. Also, if a guy Garrett's size rips off your helmet; the worst place to run toward - without said helmet - is within his wingspan.
  9. OrangeFan69

    Beto Sees The Light

    I don't think he has the leadership experience to be an effective president. He does have charisma, but I was curious as to see so much glee in him dropping out of the race. I don't think he had much of a shot at president. As someone who doesn't live in Texas, my knowledge of him was very...
  10. OrangeFan69

    Beto Sees The Light

    what else did he say that upset you?
  11. OrangeFan69

    Streaming TV

    I've found that most of the apps keep programming on demand free of charge after the original air date.
  12. OrangeFan69

    Beto Sees The Light

    It is creepy how much money is poured into elections. Cruz also had tons of outside money poured in as well. But I will concede that Beto's money came in first. You don't call on Donald Trump ( a guy who publicly insulted Cruz's wife) to hold a rally for you if you're really on local donations.
  13. OrangeFan69

    Beto Sees The Light

    Is this about the gun thing? You do know that about on average most politicians lie between 25-30%the time, don't you?
  14. OrangeFan69

    Beto Sees The Light

    It's so funny to hear Conservatives talk trash on Beto, but he nearly beat one of the biggest Republican Senators in Ted Cruz in Conservative stronghold Texas 51% to 48%. It's weird to hear so much dislike for a guy who clearly ran a better campaign than Cruz. But yeah, I agree definitely...
  15. OrangeFan69

    Clearly the time has come to redistribute income.

    I actually prefer the idea of equal airtime for politicians like they do in many democracies. Also, it is impressive how poorly Kamala Harris is doing in polls despite her war chest.
  16. OrangeFan69

    Tylan injured

    Who would have thought developing 2nd and 3rd options would be a good idea?? You don't have to be an Ag major to know you shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket.
  17. OrangeFan69

    City of Stillwater thread

    The 0-10-1 season :)
  18. OrangeFan69

    Mad at Gundy threads merged

    Gundy has moved on from wanting to win a national championship. You don't hire Mike Yurcich, Sean Gleeson and Jim Knowles if winning is your priority. He would rather have coordinators he doesn't have to replace in lieu of coordinators that kick ass. He seems to be more interested in proving...
  19. OrangeFan69

    Official Homecoming Game Thread: Baylor vs. Oklahoma State

    I liked the way the defense has played the last two games. I think we'll win, Baylor hasn't impressed me much. Very smoke and mirrors. This is our game to win or lose.
  20. OrangeFan69

    Trump Awards G-7 Summit To His Own Resort

    I don't think Donald Trump is the best person to define what non-profit entails. I don't know anyone who's been such a grifter that their children are banned from being involved with charities...