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  1. PJ-OSU

    Pat Jones dissing on Hubbard

    I would never diss on Old Mother Hubbard like that.
  2. PJ-OSU

    Mason v. Baker Tonight

    Yep. Their entire fight song is about beating tehas. "Saw varsity's horns off", lol
  3. PJ-OSU

    Tape Doesn't Lie Podcast

  4. PJ-OSU

    Cowboy Basketball: vs ORU Game Thread

    To be fair, they are shooting 34% and 21% from three. 21 turnovers, with 6 from Lindy alone doesn't help things.
  5. PJ-OSU

    Spencer Sanders = Tony Lindsey

    Good lord. Both of you should stop.
  6. PJ-OSU

    I don't know why this needed to be a new thread, but Bundage

    I thought the story on Bundage got real crazy, real fast there for a half second...
  7. PJ-OSU


    And Rodriguez. Even after changing positions. Scheme aside, I'm pretty damn happy with the play of our LB crew so far.
  8. PJ-OSU

    Mad at Gundy threads merged

    I am not getting into the argument about how the team is doing and Gundy's complacency or lack thereof, but I have been thinking about who potentially OSU might realistically look at if they did indeed want to look. I think it would be a tough one considering his position, but a call to Marcus...
  9. PJ-OSU

    Tape Doesn't Lie Podcast

    But seriously, would it make sense that if we had a strong D-line, Knowles' approach would/could be pretty solid in the Big12(10)?
  10. PJ-OSU

    2020 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    People keep saying this. While it isn't intrinsically wrong, it certainly is not as clear cut as "go to Kentucky/UNC/KU = $". With basketball, an individual talent can raise everything around them if there is any halfway decent structure and coaching. With the Ken/UNC/KU examples, it is the same...
  11. PJ-OSU

    Some Hometown press for Chuba...

    Great find, eh!
  12. PJ-OSU

    Wrestling Recruiting and Lineups Moving Forward

    I'm excited to see some matches between Kerkvliet and Ferrari down the road! My uneducated take is that Daniel is naturally a bit bigger than AJ, but AJ is probably faster. @CTeamPoke , what say you?
  13. PJ-OSU

    Men's Basketball 2020 PG Davonte Davis

    Bummer, however I am hopeful this is foreshadowing to BT and CC...
  14. PJ-OSU


    Dude, formatting for the loss. I was going to try and clean this up and repost a screen shot from excel, but damn. I am curious to see it in a manner where we can tell what that all means.
  15. PJ-OSU

    "Chuba the Great" . . .

    We call him "Chubbard" in our house. Great run, Chubbard, eh?! It sounds aboot right to me.
  16. PJ-OSU

    Chuba Hubbard Runs Wild; Defense dominates in Cowboys Win

    No argument here on that. However, I think @007Poke and I are still in the camp of those passes were all wildly under thrown. And sure, he could have caught them had they not tackled Wallace, but conversely they were able to tackle him b/c he had to stop and wait for the ball to get to him...