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  1. CaliforniaCowboy

    Typical DIM - Biden; We choose truth over facts !!

    Confusion at the Iowa State Fair? Biden says ‘we choose truth over facts' It has been an unsteady week for Democratic presidential primary frontrunner Joe Biden when it comes to onstage appearances. The former vice president’s travails appeared to continue on Thursday while on the stump at...
  2. CaliforniaCowboy

    Tonight - Hall of Fame game

    NBC- Broncos at Falcons No OSU players on either team, but the Broncos did have two guys from KU the Falcons have two guys from our B12 expansion team San Diego State. hmmm.... who to cheer for... who to cheer for... Broncos wear Orange (sort of), so I guess that settles it.
  3. CaliforniaCowboy

    Trump fixing 9th Circus Court of Appeals

    Looks like President Trump is having a strong impact on the once radically liberal 9th Circus Court... Boosted by Trump Judges, 9th Circuit Gives Pro-Lifers a Win July 15, 2019 Elections have consequences, and they’ve been big ones for the makeup of America’s courts. Just last week, Trump...
  4. CaliforniaCowboy


    I borrowed this graphic from PFB, and I added the number of wins in those seasons that had the lowest points per drive (defense) WINS 7 9 9 11 12 8 10 7 10 10 10 7...
  5. CaliforniaCowboy

    New Zealand MANDATORY Gun Buy Back

    Why do they call it a "buy back", did they buy them from the Government originally? only 700 guns out of 1.5 million have been surrendered. As 2020 Dems Propose Mass Buyback of Guns, New Zealand’s Couldn’t Be Going Worse Democrats praised New Zealand when they announced their mandatory gun...
  6. CaliforniaCowboy

    Trump wins round 1 of the Democratic debate

    according to NBC and MSNBC Joe Scarburro... An NBC News analyst declared President Trump the winner of the first Democratic presidential debate of the 2020 election cycle. Author and reporter Jonathan Allen expressed surprise that Trump emerged "largely unscathed" as the field of 10 candidates...
  7. CaliforniaCowboy

    These states have the best economies in the US: study

    Almost all of them are west of the Rockies! maybe not "almost all of them", but almost all of the western region of the US These states have the best economies in the US: study the top 10 states with the best economies according to WalletHub’s study. 1. Washington 2. Utah 3. Massachusetts 4...
  8. CaliforniaCowboy

    anti-Christianity close to meeting the international definition of genocide

    Christian persecution close to 'genocide levels,' largely ignored due to 'political correctness' The interim findings of a report, which was released last month and...
  9. CaliforniaCowboy

    9 Superfund Sites found in Stillwater, OK

    I stumbled across this tidbit and thought it was interesting enough to share...
  10. CaliforniaCowboy

    so the Mueller report is out now

    it's been at least a half hour, why hasn't Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein been fired already?
  11. CaliforniaCowboy

    Ilhan Omar student aid fraud

    Looks like this little mess where she married her brother to qualify for federal financial aid and inState tuition.... while she was already married.... is starting to raise it's ugly little head again. New Photos Corroborate Perjury Claims Against Rep. Ilhan Omar, as She Deletes Social Media...
  12. CaliforniaCowboy

    Canadian Basic Income Recipients Are Suing Their Government

    Members of an internationally lauded basic income pilot project in Canada are taking their province to court over its surprise cancellation, arguing that the Ontario government’s decision is unethical and that it was made in bad faith. Doug Ford—the brother of the late and infamous former...
  13. CaliforniaCowboy

    Former FBI General Counsel James Baker under criminal investigation

    Former FBI General Counsel James Baker under criminal investigation January 15, 2019 CNN ....a previously undisclosed portion of Baker's transcript where his lawyer interjected to say: "he's been the subject of a leak investigation that is ... still active at the Justice Department." The...
  14. CaliforniaCowboy

    don't look now -- Toxic Maxine Finance Committee

    we're in big trouble.... keep your head down folks. Self-described socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced on Twitter late Tuesday that she will join California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters on the influential House Financial Services Committee, which oversees Wall Street and the housing...
  15. CaliforniaCowboy

    suggestions for online Bedlam BB game?

    my DirectTV isn't showing the game here, unless I upgrade to their ultimate sports package. any suggestions on finding the game online?
  16. CaliforniaCowboy

    Double Jeopardy - what do you think?

    Should the State and the Federal Government both be able to prosecute you for the same crime? Supreme Court’s double-jeopardy case holds Mueller probe implications; Kavanaugh vote key A Supreme Court case concerning double-jeopardy rules is receiving outsized attention due to its potential...
  17. CaliforniaCowboy

    France riots

    did I miss the thread on this? A tell-tell example of what happens when the government allows open borders, doesn't enforce immigration, taxes people for global warming and generally does not listen to the people.... Riots, looting and violence: Here's what's happening in France and why it...