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    Mason v. Baker Tonight

    Love the way the Steelers have game planned with MR so far: use the run game, play action, plenty of short options & take a shot occasionally, but don't LOSE the game on offense. Fortunately, the D & Special Teams have helped contribute mightily, to team victories. Keep it going tonight...
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    Annnnndddd, Enter Bloomberg
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    Oh, AB, You Done Gone Crazy Holy crap. The public trainwreck that just keeps on giving. "A week before he's scheduled to meet with NFL investigators, free-agent wide receiver Antonio Brown said in a profanity-filled tweet that he...
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    Saudis & Twitter
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    Attend Your Own Funeral, Alive Interesting story out of S. Korea. "Funeral company Hyowon began offering the living funerals to help people appreciate their lives, and...
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    Kansas City: Rename MLK Boulevard?
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    Moral Grandstanding Interesting piece, given our current climate.
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    Beto Sees The Light

    DudeBro is out, for this campaign. He'll be back, even woker & cooler in 2 years, mark it down.
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    Gabbard: Russian Asset, According to HRC We are now officially in the era of telling McCarthyism "Here! Hold my Beer!"
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    Gonna Be A Rough Ride Thunder ticket prices have plummeted on the secondary market. On TickPick, a site that markets itself as "the no-fee secondary ticket marketplace," Thunder ticket prices at...
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    Boone's Final Letter

    Sorry if this has already been posted. Just saw it for the first time. The following message from T. Boone Pickens was written prior to his passing S...eptember 11, 2019. “If you are reading this, I have passed on from this world — not as big a deal for you as it was for me. In my final...
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    30 Years Ago Today Wow, didn't realize that today's the 30th anniversary of the SF Earthquake.
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    OK Legislature: 35% Raise I get that they took an 8% cut 2 years ago, but this seems kind of tone-deaf.
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    Weeeelllll, Look Who's Getting Divorced Aside from a period of separation during which Omar was married to Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, Omar has been with Hirsi for years and she says he is the father of her three children."
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    XFL Draft Next Week I'll give 'em props for shaking things up a bit with the process.
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    Your Grocery Store's Racist, You Just Didn't Know It To millions of shoppers, the supermarket is just a place to stock up on produce and pantry staples to keep the family fed. But to...
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    Taliban in Moscow
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    Man Brings Emotional Support Clown To His Firing Pretty damn funny!
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    Thread For 'Ol Joe: It's Time

    Didn't watch last night, but damn, he's getting harder & harder to watch. It's like watching Lee Corso struggle through College Gameday. A beauty from last night: Near the end of the debate, Biden answered a question about the legacy of slavery and segregation with a rambling discourse that...
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    Beto Reboots! 9again) KEENE, N.H. (AP) — Beto O’Rourke was back at Keene State College, but the large crowd that flocked to see him six months ago was not. Far removed from the whirlwind opening days of his presidential campaign, the former Texas congressman faced...