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  1. pokes16

    Classic Sooner story

    I’m in the drive through at the Wendy’s next to St John hospital in Tulsa. Just a bit in front of me to my right is a big pickup. It’s decked out. Got the obligatory 2-3 foot long upside down Horns on the tail gate and a big uo sticker on the back window. So genius boy decides that instead of...
  2. pokes16

    Someone let me know...

    When the this board realizes the world is not ending.
  3. pokes16

  4. pokes16

    Cowboy Bootcamp 2019
  5. pokes16

    Peel player of the week

    Much to the horror of some on this site...
  6. pokes16

    the ESPN + thread
  7. pokes16

    Uniform Prediction Week 4. Mmmmmmm Steak Edition

    My guess is that they will be in their traditional W/weak sauce O/W unis. So I am going with B/W/B
  8. pokes16

    Orange on in...

    TULSA!!! Go Pokes. Beat TU!!!
  9. pokes16

    T. Boone has passed.

    If true R.I.P. Loyal and True.
  10. pokes16

    Uniform Prediction Week 3

    I am thinking O/W/O for the Golden showers...
  11. pokes16

    Orange on in...

    Tulsa. Go Pokes!!!
  12. pokes16

    Uniform Prediction McNeese (is a state??)

    Must be one of those 57 we are still looking for... Small crowd...TV is only on ESPN+... FCS school... I'm going B/G/B
  13. pokes16

    Cowboy Football...

    Is in the air!!! GO POKES!!!
  14. pokes16

    San Diego State Fight Club Thread...

    Here ya go for both sides of the argument...
  15. pokes16

    Fall Camp 2019 old thread

    Gundy's excited and will actually force the players to do things correctly. Gleason is rumoured to be aggressive on offense. And Knowles, now knows what the Big XII is like. And if reports are accurate, we may love to watch our punter. On the rare occasion that we do have to punt. When do...
  16. pokes16

    Orange on in...

    Tulsa!!! Big day. Go Cowboy Golf and Go Cowgirl Softball!
  17. pokes16


  18. pokes16

    Cowboy Golf Regional Seedings

    University of Louisville Golf Club – Simpsonville, Kentucky Hosted by the University of Louisville May 13-15 Teams (seeded in the following order): Oklahoma State [Big 12 Conference] Auburn North Florida [ASUN Conference] Louisville Baylor Arkansas State [Sun Belt Conference] Iowa State...
  19. pokes16

    Students love socialism, until you ask them to share their GPA's

    In a utterly shocking video, students don't like the idea of working really hard for the GPA just to be forced to share it with others with a lower GPA. LOL
  20. pokes16

    Baseball March 6th

    Lineups will be presented by G-dub and Gene Stephenson. Speaking as a guy who once was right behind 20 at home plate as both benches cleared and stood toe to toe at home plate, that should be really interesting.