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  1. LandscapePoke

    KU Game time.

    Has it been announced yet?
  2. LandscapePoke

    If you need any other reason to hate OU..
  3. LandscapePoke

    KU Basketball in trouble. The NCAA is preparing to issue a notice of allegations that details multiple major violations in the Kansas men’s basketball program, The Star has learned. The notice will come...
  4. LandscapePoke

    Johnny Pittman has passed

  5. LandscapePoke

    Building a pool

    Found this picking out our tile today. Its $600. Do I pull the trigger? Its only about 8" tall.
  6. LandscapePoke

    Sooner fans will love this..

  7. LandscapePoke

    Johnny Pittman needs our help

    Saw this on FB today.
  8. LandscapePoke

    Caption Time...

    We kicked your butt in the Fiesta Bowl....
  9. LandscapePoke

    The Masters

    Whats a good way to follow all the OSU people playing in the Masters this weekend?
  10. LandscapePoke

    Hill and Williams gone