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  1. MustangPokeFan

    Lee Corso and his epiphany of Truth!

    Lee Corso was recently in Norman for an Oklahoma football game when he noticed a ‘special phone’ near the Sooners' bench. He asked Head Coach Lincoln Riley what it was used for and was told it was a ‘Hotline to God’. Lee asked if he could use it, Riley replied, “Sure, but it will cost you $200.”...
  2. MustangPokeFan

    Spencer Sanders named as Starter

    Soencer Sanders has been named as the starter for tonight’s game per 247 Sports and the Oklahoman!
  3. MustangPokeFan

    Our position in the National Polls this year!

    Select your prediction of how we will fare this year....
  4. MustangPokeFan

    Justice Hill

    Justice was the leading rusher tonight for the Ravens. 49 yards and 4.5 per carry. He's going to get some playing time as a backup this season behind Ingram!
  5. MustangPokeFan

    Coaches Poll

    OUCH!!!! Wow, less than zero respect in this poll, we are the equivalent of 41st in the country. TCU and a West Virginia team who lost more than we did including their head coach ranked ahead of us. Well, at least we made the Top 50!
  6. MustangPokeFan

    3 Point Line in College moving back

    Official: The men's college basketball 3-point line is moving back Going to the international line at 22' 1 3/4 inches. An increase of 1' 4 3/4" from the old 20' 9" college line. Starts this coming season. I like this move, a three pointer should be...
  7. MustangPokeFan

    No National Seed

    Number nine seed, what a crock of BS after what we’ve done the last month! We get Harvard, Nebraska and UCONN. As bad as it was not to get a national seed, I really can’t complain about this regional pairing....
  8. MustangPokeFan

    Wrestling vs Rutgers

    Anyone ever have any luck finding a FloWrestling feed on KODI?
  9. MustangPokeFan

    Wrestling Sunday

    What? No wrestling updates?