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    Trump tweets quote calling him King of Israel loved by Jews like the second coming of God

    You should really look into Twitter a little more.
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    Who's gonna start at QB?

    Exactly. This went from some people saying they would have at least like to have seen one or both of the other QB's, given the new rule, a season of struggle, & a guaranteed new starting QB for this year. Not surprisingly, that gone turned into "meaningless" snaps for Brown and/or Sanders, so...
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    Who's gonna start at QB?

    Somewhere, a fencepost is awaiting you.:facepalm:
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    Tweet of the Day

    .....&, cue Beto!
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    Who's gonna start at QB?

    Would've liked to have seen at least Sanders get snaps last year, given the new rule, but it is what it is. To act like there weren't opportunities to do that during a 6-6 season, where TC was terrible in nearly half of the games, is some serious revisionist history.
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    OPEN Basketball Practice Aug 1st

    EEEEaaaaassssyyyy, big fella. It was a "practice" on August 1st.
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    Coaches Poll

    Over/Under on number of times we'll see this pic this season?
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    Trump announces 2 yr budget deal

    Nadler's in court today trying to get yet another shot at re-hearing Mueller's hearings.:facepalm:
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    The Conference Realignment Saga... RELIVED!

    PAC12 looking at 9am Pacific kickoffs.
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    Tweet of the Day

    Yes, I'm sure she's feeling pretty empowered now that she's saved us all.
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    Fall Camp 2019 old thread

    ****cue the indignant, woe is me response****
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    Tweet of the Day

    As we all know, both sides are gonna politicize the crap out of this. That being said, how on god's green earth can she claim this was "devastating to the president?"
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    SB Nation Big 12 Basketball Projections... Pokes Picked 5th.

    Totally agree, gotta reestablish getting in & having some success.
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    Mueller being grilled

    This has been one of the funnier parts of this whole fiasco: people shocked & outraged that Russia tried to interfere in our elections. True "No $hit $herlock?!!" stuff.
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    Tweet of the Day

    Man, what a scandal!!
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    Dumb/Sometimes LOL Political Pictures

    Absolute insanity, but hey, whatever makes people "feel" better, right?
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    Dumb/Sometimes LOL Political Pictures

    Definitely meme-worthy look on the face of the guy behind him. "Told you this would be a $hitshow."
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    Tweet of the Day

    This actually awesome timing for me. The wife really wants new dishes & we were just looking at some last weekend. I'll be hitting our local Ross with regularity!
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    The Conference Realignment Saga... RELIVED!

    Just stop, good God.