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  1. petrolpoke

    You can add one former player to the roster, Who you got?

    Our biggest question mark? QB. Our best QB of all time? Weeden. Simple as that.
  2. petrolpoke

    Username help

    Can someone please edit my username to be "petrolpoke"... have decided "petrol" is more universally used then "petro".
  3. petrolpoke

    Summer Thread #2: What does your screen name mean?

    Sort of a double meaning. I'm a car guy ("petrolhead") and work in oil & gas. Can probably figure out the rest. :)
  4. petrolpoke

    Any reason to be concerned? NCAA informs some schools of violations

    So I've only kept up with this sorta high level, but wasn't all of Evans' cheating to benefit himself only? Basically accepted payments to get players to sign with a certain agency? If that's the case, OSU did not benefit in any way and it's quite plausible nobody at OSU knew this was going on -...
  5. petrolpoke

    OSU Regional Moved to Oklahoma City

    No way. UConn coach hasn't shaved the back of his neck in years.
  6. petrolpoke

    Bedlam Cup

    Why would talk about losing every year?
  7. petrolpoke

    OSU, Tulsa agree to eight-year, home-and-home football series

    I don’t mind it. Cheap road game with a majority of orange in the stands. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. petrolpoke

    2019 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    Not if Calloo returns, but haven't heard the latest on that.
  9. petrolpoke

    St. Johns and HCMB

    As someone that was on the Doug train when Underwood bolted, I hope not.
  10. petrolpoke

    St. Johns and HCMB

    My gut says Coach Boynton sticks with us and Chris Harris Jr. commits today. So it'll be a good day without even having to use my AK.
  11. petrolpoke

    OSU and the Big 12 voting no on 3rd baseball assistant

    I’d assume he doesn’t want to budget for one and also would not want other schools to have a competitive advantage. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. petrolpoke

    New guys will save us next year?

    Tournament team next year. Book it.
  13. petrolpoke

    Signing Day Part 2

    Other notable P5 offers (per Rivals): Deondrick Glass RB **** Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn Grayson Boomer TE **** Michigan, Nebraska, Notre Dame, OU, Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Arkansas, Wisconsin Langston Anderson WR *** Arizona, Arizona St, Baylor Brendan Costello QB *** Georgia Dezmon...
  14. petrolpoke

    Glass selects Cowboys!!!

    That you, ethics? Glad to see you've stepped back from the ledge.
  15. petrolpoke

    Tyron Johnson declares for Draft

    Damn, he'll be missed. Under utilized in his time in Stillwater. Good luck, Tyron!
  16. petrolpoke

    Texas Bball Thread

    Yep. I've pondered retiring to Stillwater someday so I can go to every basketball and baseball game (already go to all football games).
  17. petrolpoke

    Kingsbury to Arizona

    I don't know if I've ever seen a more impressive case of failing forward. Texas Tech to the Arizona Cardinals, Lubbutt to Phoenix, and to top it off, news comes out that he's dating Holly Sonders.
  18. petrolpoke

    New OC thread

    After this year, perhaps he should refuse it like good ole Coach Bobo is doing at CSU.
  19. petrolpoke

    New OC thread

    But would RA cite them without knowing it was a done deal? On one hand, you'd think he'd want to take credit (i.e., the second the bowl game was over he reported Yurcich's office was cleaned out), on the other, maybe Gundy told him to tone down the breaking news.
  20. petrolpoke

    New OC thread

    Hmm Robert Allen has Gundy, but Gundy just uses him as he needs him. Boone, no idea, probably the equipment manager.