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  1. Don'tTreadonPete

    Projected Football Depth chart

    My bad...especially since I was a kicker
  2. Don'tTreadonPete

    Projected Football Depth chart

    Ok, I'll take a shot at it. QB: 1. Spencer Sanders 2. Dru Brown RB: Chuba Hubbard LaDarren Brown WR: Tylan Wallace Jonathan Shepherd WR: Dillon Stoner Tyrell Alexander WR: Landon Wolf Braydon Johnson WR: CJ Moore Patrick McKaufman TE: Jelani Woods Logan Carter LT: Bryce Bray Dylan...
  3. Don'tTreadonPete

    Summer Thread #2: What does your screen name mean?

    I've always thought the Gadsen flag was cool and of course I always liked Pistol Pete, so I don't want anyone to tread on him
  4. Don'tTreadonPete

    1997 season

    I was a toddler in 1988, so the 1997 Alamo Bowl season was the first time I got to experience football success as an OSU fan. A lot of great memories from that year, but also some really haunting what ifs (Mizzou, A&M).
  5. Don'tTreadonPete

    Summer Thread #1: What made you love OSU Sports?

    My parents both graduated from OSU in the 80s and my dad's parents went to OAMC in the early 40s. I don't remember ever being anything other than an OSU fan. I may have went to another game or two earlier, but the first one I can remember was the 15-15 Bedlam tie in 1992 when I was 6. My...
  6. Don'tTreadonPete

    OSU Regional Moved to Oklahoma City

    Are they selling beer at the ballpark?
  7. Don'tTreadonPete

    Tickets to OSU Regional

    Never mind it finally worked for me about 10:15
  8. Don'tTreadonPete

    Tickets to OSU Regional

    Is anyone else having trouble buying tickets ?
  9. Don'tTreadonPete

    Big 12 Tournament

    If they couldn't play in Stillwater due to flooding, Tulsa is a much better option then OKC. There's always big orange crowds for Bedlam in Tulsa and the park is a little smaller. The Drillers are on the road next weekend, so it could work.
  10. Don'tTreadonPete

    OSU at OSU

    the ball was already to the shortstop as Taylor was getting to 3rd...inexplicable that a coach would send him
  11. Don'tTreadonPete

    OSU Wrestling @ NCAA Championships - Pittsburgh, PA

    When I look at the bracket it looks like there are 4 wrestlers left in the championship bracket and 8 wrestlers left in the consolation bracket. After the next round of consolation matches there will only be 4 wrestlers left in consolations plus the 4 in the championship bracket for a total of...
  12. Don'tTreadonPete

    OSU Wrestling @ NCAA Championships - Pittsburgh, PA

    Is the first round of consolation matches in session 1 or 2?
  13. Don'tTreadonPete

    OSU Wrestling @ NCAA Championships - Pittsburgh, PA

    Overall a pretty good first round other that whatever was going on with Gfeller.
  14. Don'tTreadonPete

    OSU Wrestling @ NCAA Championships - Pittsburgh, PA

    Did Fix win 21-7 or 23-7?
  15. Don'tTreadonPete

    Wrestling - Jakason Burks Committed to OSU

    I saw the Ferrari family at The Garage today before the dual. Hopefully they were impressed by what they saw today at GIA too.
  16. Don'tTreadonPete

    New OC thread

    Sports Animal this morning said was reporting that Reeder was offered a position at OSU, but not necessarily as OC. Could just be as QB coach with Henson/Dunn as OC
  17. Don'tTreadonPete

    Southern Scuffle- Cowboy Wrestling

    It looks like he had a bye the first round
  18. Don'tTreadonPete

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Texas Christian

    How are our DBs so horrible at getting off blocks downfield?
  19. Don'tTreadonPete

    JD King to transfer

    I don't have a problem in general with players transferring after the season if they think its the best thing for their situation, but I think this growing trend of players announcing their transfers mid-season is pretty weak.