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    Proud to be an American

    I want to hear how he equates religion to individualism.
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    Fall Camp 2019

    I know sometimes when siblings are locked in to their elder brother's school, scouts can kinda ignore them. Hoping that's the case here, kinda like it seems to be with T. Harper.
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    Fall Camp 2019

    Why was he rated so low then?? I think he was our lowest rated recruit. I know they miss on evals all the time, but you'd think with a brother playing high level D1 football, he would have had some eyes on him. Just strange.
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    Area 51 storming

    Roger that.
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    CFN season prediction for Pokes football

    I think you're reading a bit too much into Gundy's comments. I believe he is just accepting responsibility rather than throwing assistants and players under the bus. The team's inconsistencies, while frustrating, shouldn't be that surprising. TC playing for the first time, freshmen all over...
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    CFN season prediction for Pokes football

    Unfortunately for me and my band fag brothers, Burton's description fits my school pretty much on the money.
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    Area 51 storming

    OK, so what would happen if several thousand people coordinated and stormed the facility?? I have a hard time believing the military would just start shooting people. Heck, I'm kinda interested in what is going on in the facility I'm helping to fund...
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    Ross Perot Dies at 89

    Worth a couple hours if you're in Big D with the family. Went a couple of times when I lived there.
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    15 portals for WVU

    Did he follow Holgy to Houston, or had they already parted ways?
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    Football 2020 Ath Brennan Presley Committed to OSU

    I think it was Aaron that Scott Harmon almost killed there on Lewis Field. I remember he got a 15 yard penalty and we all booed for 10 minutes. If he'd done that in today's game, he would have been kicked out for targeting and no one would even question it.
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    15 portals for WVU

    We can certainly relate to the Wickline recruiting deal. We are just now recovering from it.
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    Trump can count on at least two votes in Florida
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    2020 Cowboy Baseball

    A nice shiny new stadium won't hurt.
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    Projected Football Depth chart

    There sure has been a lot of talk about moving Stoner to the outside. I wonder if that means the coaches aren't real confident in the younger WR's? Maybe also means we'll see a bit more from the traditional TE and less slot receivers.
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    Preseason All Big 12

    A little surprised none of our o-linemen made it. I bet one of them will make the final all big 12 team.
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    CFN season prediction for Pokes football

    Dude, come on. Are you saying Gundy was making decisions on playing time based on potential local media blowback?? If that's the case, put me firmly in the fire Gundy camp, and I'm not pitching my tent there by any means. The man has WAY too much football knowledge and job security to care...
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    CFN season prediction for Pokes football

    Hey, he toned it down, when I was in band they called us band FAGS.