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  1. pennpoke

    Men's Basketball 2019 SG Chris Harris Jr. Signs with OSU

    How about cancel the tech trip? Mind made up. Easy peasy.
  2. pennpoke

    2019 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    Hope you’re right.
  3. pennpoke

    2019 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    I could see Harris picking tech after their success the last two seasons.
  4. pennpoke

    2019 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    If that’s all you think there is to be gained at a private Christian university, then I grant you it won’t add up.
  5. pennpoke

    2019 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    Because some people have a higher standard for themselves than the general gum-chewing public?
  6. pennpoke

    Football 2020 QB Gunnar Gundy

  7. pennpoke

    Men's Basketball 2019 SG Caleb Grill

    He’s got a nice stroke on the three. This would be a nice kid to get. Wondering how this would be if we were to hypothetically get him and Harris. I.E two freshmen instead of transfers. We’d be really young with that many freshmen.
  8. pennpoke

    Eddie Sutton & the Basketball HOF

    The only good thing that comes of this is that there will be an outcry against the hall that hasn’t ever been seen before. I expect it will dominate a lot of discussions at the final four this weekend. You’ll probably hear it on espn and it will be written about. Writers worth their salt will be...