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  1. Wayne C

    Tweet of the Day

    They already have the right to vote after they're dead, if they're dems.
  2. Wayne C

    Chalking Tires for Parking Enforcement? Court Says No

    Back in the day, when I was a pledge at OSU, it was someone's job once an hour, to go around the block and wipe off all the chalk marks. Funny, you could just as easily see where they were wiped off sometimes. Few tickets, though.
  3. Wayne C

    Tweet of the Day

  4. Wayne C

    Silly Picture Thread

  5. Wayne C

    TU: Cutting Degree Programs & Reorginizing

    I wonder how cost increases and entrance requirements come into play.
  6. Wayne C

    SJW's Going After Yet Another Restaurant

    I was born in Oklahoma but live in Texas. Am I not supposed to assimilate and become a Texan or is it cultural appropriation? Do I need to move back to Oklahoma? Can I ride horses, wear western gear? I'm so confused.
  7. Wayne C

    Silly Picture Thread

  8. Wayne C

    Silly Picture Thread