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  1. Cro

    Texas baseball at OSU

    are these the same players you like to talk sh!t on?
  2. Cro

    Texas baseball at OSU

    please go be a dumbass on another message board........
  3. Cro

    Caption Time...

    I think most on here respect the moment and think it's pretty cool. having some fun w/ it doesn't demean it in anyway, imo. now, comparing the moment to Mother Teresa winning the Nobel Peace Prize? that's a stretch.............
  4. Cro

    Caption Time...

    there's this dude on, calls himself @GumbyFromPokeyLand. ya, I know, right? anyhoo, he wanted me to tell you that he thinks you're a meanie.......
  5. Cro

    The Masters

    I think it's pretty obvious that the version of Tiger you don't care for isn't the same guy today. People can change for the better. He seems pretty humble now. He had a massive fall from grace and one of the most epic comebacks. I don't know how anyone can't appreciate what he did on...
  6. Cro

    Time to sign up for ESPN+ (Big 12 signs media contract w/ ESPN)

    you do realize that amazon shows live MLB and NFL, right?
  7. Cro

    Baseball vs WSU

    :facepalm: this thread brings out the idiocy in people.............
  8. Cro

    Cowboy baseball vs. WVU

    you serious?:facepalm:
  9. Cro

    Blonde Gundy

    you should dye your mullet blonde. the chicks at dirty bird would lose their shit.............
  10. Cro

    Oklahoma Gazette - troubles down south

    wow, it's a sh!t show down in norman....... what's worse a gay, sexual harassing, porky or a racist, silver spoon, richy rich, who likes holding grudges and settling vendettas?
  11. Cro

    Blonde Gundy

    you're dumber than a bucket full of dicks. go back to searching twitter for juveniles, pedderass.......... "ten year olds, dude"
  12. Cro

    NCAA Tournament

    not even close. you do know that people from Nashvegas make fun of Memphis, right? place is ghetto.........
  13. Cro

    Baseball v Central Ark

    this is a good thread to read if you don't know anything about the sport of baseball, and like to join in on whining festivals..............
  14. Cro

    NCAA Tournament

    obviously, i don't know that for sure, but he is a UT grad, and there are already rumors of Texas cutting ties w/ Smart and going after Beard.......
  15. Cro

    OSU baseball tied #1 in Big 12!
  16. Cro

    NCAA Tournament

    it's their coach. he's a stud, and won't be at Taco Tech for much longer................
  17. Cro

    Tuesday Bedlam baseball

    it's been pretty hush-hush
  18. Cro

    Tuesday Bedlam baseball

    That was a great win. Could have easily given up after the goons tied it up at 5, and could have easily been looking forward to the the TCU series. Very telling of all the negative fans who are so constantly vocal about this team. not one of you had anything to say after Hewitt walked it off...
  19. Cro

    Mike Gundy... Innovate Coach with Remarkable Success

    truer words have not been spoken.............
  20. Cro

    OSU - KSU Baseball

    you telling us that Allie P is a not a dump compared to the other schools in the big 12 and everywhere else in the country proves you don't know what the hell you are talking about............